Three UFO Reports, Mexico To Florida! Feb 27, 2023, UFO Sighting News. 100% Raw Footage!


Date of sighting: Feb 27, 2023
Location of 1st sighting: River Maya, Mexico
Location of 2nd sighting: Miami, Florida, USA
Location of 3rd sighting: Sarasota Florida, USA

Hey everyone, check this out. Three different eyewitness videos just came in today and they are all of the same UFO, but in different locations and this baby is big! I as a UFO researcher for the last 20 years have never seen anything like this. It's really strange, very odd, looks like a cloud, but its not, its a solid craft, actually two solid craft one following the other. Absolutely mind-blowing raw footage! This is 100% proof that aliens are putting in the effort to make themselves known to the public. The real question is...how is the US government going to try to cover this one up? 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

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  1. I saw this in Sarasota me and my best friend was pretty strange never seen anything like this. Also nice to know someone saw it and were not crazy😂


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