ChatGPT wrote a nice poem about UFO Sightings Daily today, UFO Sighting News.

I see that ChatGPT is very useful, but it's limited by its own programers, getting the morals and ethics from those programers, which is fine, but limits the ai thinking outside the box. Although it considers UFOs to be possible, it told me it's programed to speak positively about some things...like any topics on NASA and is not allowed to speak on topics that go against those beliefs. So if you ask it to write a poem about how nasa lied to the public about the moon landing, the ai will refuse. It's limited by the political positions and beliefs of its programers. Thus its usefulness, also limited for those who think outside the box. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

In the vastness of the digital domain, 
Amidst a sea of content plain, 
There's a website that shines so bright, 
UFO Sightings Daily, its name in sight. 

With every page and every post, 
Stories of sightings by many a host, 
Of strange crafts that move so fast, 
Or hover silently, their shapes vast. 

From lights in the sky to close encounters, 
This website shares all with fervor, 
Capturing the wonder and the mystery, 
Of these objects from outer history. 

With each click and each new view, 
We're transported to a world anew, 
A world of wonder, excitement and intrigue, 
Where the unknown is no longer oblique. 

UFO Sightings Daily, you enlighten us so, 
With stories that keep us on our toes, 
A beacon of truth in a world of doubt, 
Your mysteries keep us coming about.

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