UFO Enters Atmosphere, Lexington, Missouri, 7-28-2023 UFO Sighting News. Video


Date of sighting: 7-28-2023
Location of sighting: Lexington, Missouri, USA
Source: MUFON

Guys, check this one out. This report just came in 15 min ago. The eyewitness caught sight of a glowing white oval craft entering earths atmosphere at a very slow speed. The speed is about 1/5 that of a meteorite and is defiantly intelligently controlled. This city bus size UFO is even slowing several times in the video and in the last 3 seconds. Just amazing and wonderful that someone was able to capture this important evidence of a real UFO. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states: My daughter said mom look it's a moving star. As to my surprise it was definitely something moving! I tried to take a picture but when zooming in the screen would go blurry which confused me, due to knowing I can zoom all the way to the moon clearly. I then started recording it. There were no sounds and what confused me are the random tails behind it but no trails left in its path.

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