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As always, NASA is suppose to have all the answers and of course does not. The public was hoping for even a hint of suggesting that intelligent aliens could exist, yet time and time again, they shoot down those expectations. Its not hard to know that NASA has the best and most sophisticated astronomy, astro photography of our solar system planets, moons, astroids...and yet they refuse to talk about the cities on the moon, the abandoned structures and ships in craters that I have reported thousands of discoveries, and yet non of my evidence was submitted, none of my evidence was even considered and I am the foremost head of my field in the US and maybe the world.

But we need to understand that NASA was created back on July 29, 1958 in order to hide alien evidence from the public so that it would give the US time to contact aliens, create trade agreements, get technological advantages and so on, before any other country did. Thus, even today the US is still the world power. Now to back this up, I would like to say the a president JFK wrote a memo to NASA just a week and a half before he was assassinated, coincidence? I think not, that totally implicates the CIA and NASA working together to keep the truth about aliens a secret from the world. 

So, no, I didn't expect anything from NASA, it's like trying to squeeze lemon juice from a rock, it's just not going to happen. However I feel that other countries like India, Russia, China, maybe even a private space program like SpaceX will be the ones in history books who announce the discovery of both alien life, and intelligent alien life, backed by 100% proof. Of course, a week after the announcement, NASA will step in and announce they discovered alien life, trying to take credit from the country or organization that already honestly made the discovery. They did this before for water on the Mars discovery, when it was already announced by India first, NASA stepped in to announce the same thing, taking full credit, not even mentioning India. So...I don't trust NASA, neither should you. 
Scott C. Waring 

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