Glowing UFO Over Dammeron Valley population 814,, Utah, USA On 5-31-2024, UAP Sighting News. 👽👀🛸


Credit source: https://nuforc.org/ 
Date of sighitng: May 31, 2023
Location of sighting: Dammeron Valley, Utah, USA

Is it a coincidence...or what that I myself am in Utah right now? But this UFO was seen a few weeks ago over a small city of Dammeron which has the population of only 814. Dammeron is located along the far southern boarder of Utah. UFOs often prefer flying over low populated areas so that their fight path wont make the US news.
Very odd that it was seen over only one city of Utah, when there were dozens of us per night recording the moon, just as I was doing last night. Thus this sighting is isolated to a small area of the sky only visible over Dammeron Valley. That mens this UFO took off or was landing in that area. Sounds like an alien base is 5 miles below Dammeron mountains.  
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states: Aura or haze around object. Too big to be a satellite, too big and fast to be a satellite or plane. Had a weird aura glow around it. No red lights like a plane. Not horizontal moving like a satellite. No shooting like a star. No tail like a comet. The main light was huge and bright and it had an aura around it that looked like a jelly fish.

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