NASA deleted original link again: Alien Base On Mars THAT LOOKS NEW! FOUND IT LAST NIGHT July 2, 2011, UFO Sighting News.

 Updated links July 6, 2024: https://planetarydata.jpl.nasa.gov/w10n/mer2-m-pancam-5-xyz-ops-v1.0/mer2po_0xxx/browse/sol1353/edr/2p246479365effavpbp2408l7m1.img.jpg


Date of discovery: July 2, 2011 
Location of discovery: Mars 
Discovered By: Scott C. Waring 

Original post states:  Yeah I found another structure on Mars. You know the old saying, where theres smoke theres fire, well I found a few so I keep looking in hopes of finding more. Tonight I found these two unusual photos. I know, the last thing you want to see is another Mars building, but aren't you curious a little bit what alien buildings looks like? The first has the framework of what looks like an ancient wooden ship whose ribs are the only thing left, but this could also be the frame of an ancient building or the rib bones of an animal that died.
Updated July 6, 2024: Guys this is getting ridiculous. NASA literally has change most my links. So often you will see reposts with new URLs here. Thats so other researchers can make videos, tiktoks, ect and help spread the world. 

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