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Two Energy Entities Enter Apollo 12 Astronauts And Exit When Walking On Moon, UFO Sighting News.

Above photo shows glowing astronaut and lighting striking Apollo 12 rocket. (100% real photos)

Date of sighting: November 14-20, 1969
Location of discovery: Earths Moon

Here we have a glowing astronaut on the moon. Its from the Apollo 12 mission from 1969. How is it even possible that an astronaut walking on the moon is glowing? It shouldn't be possible. 

We also know the its not a reflection, since there are other other things in the photo. Its not because the suit is white, because other things in the photo are white, but they don't glow. 

I believe an alien entity entered this astronauts body and the entity was leaving, and got caught on film. Why would I think this? Because the Apollo 12 rocket was hit by lightning on liftoff, not once...but twice! That is almost impossible. The odds of lightning striking twice in the same place are astronomical. Yet NASA stated that the Apollo 12 rocket was hit twice by lighting on takeoff and no damage was taken. The rocket should have exploded since it was full of rocket fuel to go to the moon and back to earth, yet it had no damage...let me tell you why.

So...twice means two entities doesn't it? The lightning was actually two energy entities entering the rocket and entering the bodies of two of the astronauts. Yes, so I wonder who the other astronaut was the carried the alien entity within them?

Energy entities are the most highly advanced of any species alien species out there. They probably wanted to see first hand (without interrupting the astronauts thinking in any way) how the astronauts reacted as they entered space and how they did their job from within the capsule. Energy entities don't use ships or drones, they just enter the objects to share the experience and learn from it.

May sound strange...that a alien entity is so powerful they could enter a human body, but one day humans may evolve to such a a few billion years.
Scott C. Waring - UFOlogist

November 14th, 1969, Apollo 12 is struck by lightning on take off.