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UFO Caught By Accident When Tourist Takes Scenic Photos, China June 8, 2013.

Date of sighting: June 8, 2013
Location of sighting: Dajiuhu Shennongjia Area, China
News translated from Chinese

Chinese News States: 

Original title: Shennongjia tourists photographed UFO shaped like a red hat.

BEIJING, June 8 Shennongjia electricity (Luo Yongbin) the morning of June 8, Dajiuhu Shennongjia area, who is a female tourists from Beijing, said that while she was visiting a scenic location she accidentally photographed a dish UFO suspended in the air, and this rare strange scene lasted only a few seconds.

That same day at 11 am, a Shennongjia guide Tianmou led a tour group into Dajiuhu scenic area and met Chen who was a Hong Kong tourist. Chen told Tianmou line, where it was photographed that day "flying saucer" photos below.

Things were going normally that particular day at 8 am. The weather was nice. A group of tourists from Beijing were fishing in high spirits when someone taking photos suddenly stopped. Suddenly there was a female tourists shouting "I photographed a UFO!" Chen and others did not believe it. They immediately see what happens before. Female tourist excitement photographed pieces of pictures showed the cell phone photo around the group, and she just took pictures of scenery in the mountains between the right side of the lake appeared in the sky like a hat dish Flying. The UFOs edges seems to be slightly red while its center seem to have flames.

The other one, it is moved to the farther space the UFO picture seems to be at the lower middle with a spray of bright flame, very eye-catching. From the two pictures of the scene with the Flyers perspective the size ratio of the distance to see the flyer larger volume.

The crowd dubious inquiry, female tourists claimed that she did not cheat with pictures. At that time, Mr. Chen asked a few people to send him the photos of the area that they have taken to compare.

According to Mr. Chen Mobile phone female tourist stay, Shennongjia staff tried to contact the female tourists, but not until 17:00 that day, her phone was not answered, or was shut down, for unknown reasons. As for the authenticity of the picture or shoot exactly what that is, that remains to be seen with further investigation.