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UFO Close Up Over Church In Eastern Ukraine, Jan 2012 VIDEO, wow!

Date of sighting: January 2012
Location of sighting: Donetsk, Eastern Ukraine

In this video a few kids are staring at a UFO as it hovers over a local church in the city of Donetsk. Now I sought to find evidence of this sighting being real or not by looking at the areas that CGI often makes mistakes in. I looked at three closeups of the UFO that seemed to prove that its a 100% real UFO video. Here are the reasons. 1st, The UFO passes behind the church without any of it being visible through the church, often in CGI a ghost image would be visible on the church, but not in this video. 2nd, there are two  orbs leaving the UFO on its left side, which means it is sending out probes...a CGI person would not bother with making orbs that most people would not catch unless they put the video into slow motion as I did. 3rd, there is a distortion in the air behind the UFO which leaves us to believe that the propulsion system leaves the air full of static where it had been. 4th, the UFO is over a religious building and aliens are deeply interested in our faiths or lack of and how these religions and ethics change our behavior and ways of thinking.

So now you see why this UFO sighting is real. SCW