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NSA tries to make eyewitness silent about Fort Benning UFO abducting 1,200 Army trainees, UFO Sighting News.

John recalls the main event as a confused event that took place one early evening in September of 1977. John explained it to me what he could clearly recall of that night.

It was early evening. The night was a hot sticky southern night in September. About 1000 of us were called out into this big open field that stood in front of our barrack housing units. We were called to stand in formation waiting for the brass in charge to inform us of why we were called to the field. It was not the normal procedure to be called to this field at night and we all a bit nervous to what was going on.

As we stood there I heard some of the men in line talking and pointing. I heard them say something about something strange in the sky. Before I could figure out what they were talking about or looking at we were called to attention. I am not sure what took place during this time period. It is a mixture of being at attention in formation and of the men breaking ranks and yelling and talking about some thing approaching us from the night sky.

I could not see what was going on but realized as I tried to look to my left and right that some of the men standing around me seemed to be asleep while standing in formation. I then realized that half the field of men where yelling and running away from the field. I was able to see a blinding white light coming down over the field but could not distinguish what it was or what was happening. All I know is the men caught under or in that light were screaming and running away from it and the field.

As I crawled to the end of the Barrack I could see the entire field and area around us covered in this odd extremely blinding white light. As I reached out from under the building I placed one hand out from under where I was hiding into the open and as I did I could not see the end of my arm or hand. It simply vanished from sight as I placed it into the light.

I am a bit confused as what took place next. I recall standing and trying to make a run for it towards the Barrack. I had my back to the field and was trying to get to the entry of the building when I felt it. It was as if an arrow hit me behind my shoulder. Then another, it was piercing and painful. Then there was nothing.

Next thing I recall is coming to in what seemed to be a huge warehouse or hanger. It was a massive building with hundreds and hundreds of stretcher type beds lined up for as far as one could see. They all had men laying on them. It was a colorless cold place. I tried to stay awake but couldn’t.

I next recall being in a normal army medical unit. The first thing I did was check to see where I had been shot in my back. To my amazement I did not even have a mark anywhere on my body. I asked what had happened but only got vague answers and was told I had been on the ward as I had been suffering from some type of virus or flu. I questioned them about that night but was told they had no idea what I was talking about.

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