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Giant White UFO Seen Over Hefei, China During Morning Rush Hour, Nov 6, 2012.

Date of sighting: November 6, 2012
Location of sighting:  Hefei, China
Sina News Source:

I have noticed that this seems a lot like the same UFO over four different countries in the last 30 days. check out the photo below and tell us what you think. SCW

News States (Translated From Chinese):
Over the bustling Avenue hovered a UFO that Alarmed people going to work. The UFO had two comet-like tails. A citizen of Hefei, Mr. Zhu was going to work down the busy avenue driving to work at 7 am when he spotted the UFO in the sky. It was gleaming wHhite, moving very slowly. He said it had a comet-like shape and was hauling two tails. He said he looked at the luminous craft and saw it was flying high, and palm-sized with a fat white pointy head, and there were two slender tails. In the beginning Mr. Zhu thought it was a plane, but later thought it could be a meteor, but a meteor would not fly horizontal in the sky without falling soon. This was almost stationary. Mr. Zhu was becoming more curios of the object and used his cell phone to record the craft for four minutes on video, of which the craft remanded suspended in place the whole time. 

Subsequently, a Mr. Chu posted in the Hefei city forum that he also saw the object, then many other people left comments that they too saw the object over the city. Most people who look at the photo believe its just an aircraft, others believe its a light emitting kite, however a kite with lights would not be so visible in broad daylight.