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Video footage Captured UFO Sighting and Unmarked Jets Over Mount Adams.

Video footage Captured UFO Sighting and Unmarked Jets Over Mount Adams.

November 12, 2010 - 10 people witness an orange and white spherical light passing over ECETI Ranch, followed by a jet. The following day (November 13) - 12 people participating in a workshop witness 3 black jets flying over the ranch twice.

For those who do not know about the famous Mt Adams, it is where Gilliland's ECETI ranch sits. Let me tell you a little about its fame in the UFO books. This is an excerpt from my book, "UFO Sightings of 2006-2009."

2009 UFO Sighting by Fox News on Gilliland’s ECETI Ranch

When Fox news heard about a man near Trout Lake, Washington who owns a ranch that has UFO sightings virtually every night, they just had to investigate it for themselves. James Gilliland owns a spiritual retreat center near Mt. Adams and he claims that UFOs have flown over his property every night for the last thirteen years.
Gilliland claims to have seen UFO ships extremely close up. He decided to integrate UFOs into his business and he often has people visit his property every night in hopes of catching sight of one or more UFOs. Gilliland says that the people that come to visit his ranch will often see unusual things flying above in the night sky.

Gilliland stated to Fox News, “The ships coming here have come in every size, shape and color imaginable.” He said that they have seen every glowing color imaginable flying in the night sky right above his ranch. He went on to say, “We have seen just about everything up here. We have even seen flying pyramids.” Then he continued, “The ships we see up here are just so diverse, (referring to the different shapes and colors) that there is just no way it could be some back-engineered project or something like that.”
When Mr. Gilliland said “back-engineered,” what he was referring to was the government projects where the USAF will take actual captured UFOs and try to disassemble them so that they can figure out how and why they work as they do. My chapter on Area S4 in this book will shed more light on that subject if you need more information.
Fox News stayed on Mr. Gilliland’s ranch the night that they interviewed him and they actually were able to record video of the UFOs that they had heard so much about. They were able to record numerous glowing green ball like objects moving at incredibly high speeds through the night sky. In the video of the UFO that Fox News recorded, there can be seen a glowing light greenish ball of light flying past the stars. At different times, this UFO would pulse or blink, but always continued on its way. They revealed two of the recorded objects on their news show to the public. In one video, the greenish glowing craft is moving to the left, passing many stars in the background. In the second video, a similar looking craft is moving to the right this time.
When Fox asked Mr. Gilliland about the UFOs seen over his property, he stated, “The universe is vast because if you take the two hundred billion suns, just in this little Milky Way Galaxy with planets revolving around it, and then you add to that the five hundred billion galaxies that are just like this one out there, its so vast and its inhabited, and there are beings that are thousands even billions of years ahead of us out there.”
Mr. Gilliland is a very upfront and honest person when it comes to talking about the UFOs that fly over his ranch. He is even kind to the skeptics that say that UFOs don’t exist and never have. Mr. Gilliland likes to invite the skeptics over to his ranch so that they may see the phenomenon flying above his ranch with their very own eyes. He understands that talking about UFOs and seeing them for yourself are two very different things. Many of the skeptics have agreed to come by and have a look for themselves.
When asked about who some of the skeptics were that came to the ranch, Mr. Gilliland states, “We have travel police on record. We have triple PHD Boeing engineers. Air Force base commanders, uh…the list goes on and on. Pilots and air traffic controllers and thousands of people have come here and seen the ships. We have had so much evidence that it’s just a mountain of evidence that any reasonable mind would have to say that there is something fantastic going on here.”

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