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Ancient Mythological Weapon Found On Moon Near Writing! UFO Sighting News.

Guys, I found the letters VEL with an arrow after it pointing up. I believe that this is referring to the ancient holy mythological spear VEL in which a goddess embodied all her powers into the spear so that it can protect her son in battle. Its an ancient religious holy relic which is still worshiped and celebrated in countries today. I believe that this holy relic spear has powers that were given not by a goddess, but by an advanced alien race that were god-like and the mother made this weapon to protect her son in battle. Much like Thor was given a hammer from his father. 

I also believe that the arrow at the end of the word VEL is a spear, pointing to where the ancient spear is hidden. This is in Jackson Crater on Earths moon. What better way to hide a relic from humanity than to place it on a moon orbiting the planet? VEL is real and it could be a dangers weapon in the wrong hands. 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

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