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Taiwan coast guard ship confronts China military ship on April 8, 2023, Military World News.


Video Credit: Taiwan Minister Kuan Bi-ling, facebook
Translation to English: By Scott Waring

This just out today, I translated and wrote the subtitles in English myself. China vessels crossed into Taiwan territory waters and was warned off. China is doing a military exercise to punish Taiwan president for going to America and other countries to drum up support and friendship. So yesterday alone, Sat April 8th, 71 China military jets and 9 China military ships were inside Taiwan territory. Very soon, Taiwan will be attacked and China will use a fake military drill to do it with. If Taiwan is attacked, this channel will probably go silent, since all communications would be cut immediacy upon China attack in order for them to have a chance at success. Plz support Taiwan, we exist because the world cares to help keep us free. Scott C. Waring - Taiwan


Did US President Biden Deliberately Force Crash of F-35 As Gift To China To Leave Taiwan Alone? US Military News.

Date of crash: Jan 24, 2022
Location of crash: South China Sea
Plane type: F-35
Cost of Plane: $100,000,000 US dollars
Military branch: US Navy
Photo source: Twitter

The US Navy admitted to a F-35 crash while attempting to land on a US Navy aircraft carrier last week. The black box transponder has a ten day life and the Navy says that it's a race now to recover the jet before the Chinese do. It has the newest, hi tech devices in it, things highly classified and still top secret. Then...the US Navy announces it across all news media agencies around the world! Wait...they did what? Yeah...that gave it away right there. They wanted the news agencies to scream out the news so that China would go and recover the jet...thus satisfying China temporarily with the fake crash of the craft, which by the way...just happens to be 99.99% intact minus the cockpit pilot chair and canopy. Coincidence? I think not. 

Do you remember back in April of 2001, when a US Navy EP-3E Aries II spy plane on routine surveillance mission over South China, was intercepted by several China fighter jets and was told to land in China or be shot down? So they flew to China...with the most high tech spy plane the US had and handed them the keys saying its yours, but we want it back in a few months...China gave it boxes since they took everything apart and copied, every single item before eventually returning...most, minus software, computer chips, memory storage and so on. That was it was a gift all wrapped up for China to open. Not even a protest from the pilots before landing in China. Thats not normal for a US military pilot. I'm a USAF vet and I worked on may B-1 bombers and I can tell you, pilots are cocky and ready for a fight win or lose. They want it. They don't give in that easy in the US military unless ordered to do so. 

So the US is making it look like its an accident to keep Taiwan safe from China since there must be a secret agreement with payment of aircraft every twenty years or so. But mostly its made to look like an accident to keep the US public out of it...keep the public in the dark so there is no protests, activist, anger over the who thing. 

I totally get why the US is doing this, and honestly appreciate it since I'm living in Taiwan now, does concern me...and makes me many other secrets are US presidents giving away to the communists?
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 



Mile Long UFO Seen Near US Navy Ship While Explosion Test Being Done, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: June 2021
Location of sighting: Atlantic Ocean

I was watching a US Navy aircraft carrier testing a underwater bomb in order to test the durability of the ship in battle. During the video, I quickly noticed a double disk UFO on the upper left of the screen. The UFO is huge, about 1km in diameter and is semi hidden among the clouds, but still is noticeable. 

The UFO is seen in most parts of the video and is 100% proof that aliens are monitoring the US Navy and took keen interest in this explosion test. UFO have been seen for decades over nuclear missile silos, nuclear reactors and submarines and ships that carry nuclear missiles. This UFO watching the Navy ship during the explosion just correlates and confirms decades of past military sightings. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


Disk Over US Military Ship Yard Bremerton, Washington On 1-21, 2021, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 21, 2021
Location of sighting: Bermerton, Washington, USA

This UFO was caught over the Bermeton ship yard. A place where many US Navy Military ships are docked. This UFO was flying over that area to record data on the latest US Navy ship technology and weapons. Many things interest aliens, but weapons technology and its evolution is of prime concern, because it could lead to humanities extinction. 

Wow, this UFO is a disk shape and you can see it flipping slowly as its moving forward. It seems to be a metallic color that is reflective of the colors around it. In front of the cloud its black, in front of the blue sky it's white. Typical color changing behaviors of cloud orbs, but this one is larger and more flat than others. I guess with so many people trying to stay home to stay safe from covid, UFOs are have a lot of freedom with little concern about being seen. 

Scott C. Waring 

Eyewitness states: I filmed this near Bremerton ship yard whatcha think it is? I was doing a drywall job in Portorchard, Washington and my wife brought me lunch and I went outside to meet her. Thats when we noticed a really shiny ball, sphere and I thought I'd record it.