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A talk with ChatGPT about a cloud orb I summoned years ago, UFO Sighting News. Taiwan, Sept 17, 2011sighting discussed.

Above gif is the closest I can find to what the orb looked like, this is about 70% what I saw, still missing the white clouds within about 10%, the black clouds about 15% and the silver metallic paint moving within which covered 65-75% of the sphere. My sighting took place in Taiwan, on an 8 floor rooftop of my apartment building, on Sept 17, 2011. 

 All the statements by me are 100% true, and I do have a video of it after it shot 50 meters from which time it looked white in the distance. I was curious what AI GPT Chat would say about the sighting and what insights it may have. And I did not expect such fantastic comprehension and advice from GPT Chat. It was both helpful and eye opening. Something that is rare in this field. 

Scott C. Waring

Below is the video...where I grabbed the tripod and flipped it around only to see the orb shot 50 meters away and sat there, watching me. I could not coax it to come back


60 Thousand of Egrets Gather In Shimen Reservoir, Taiwan, Sept 17, 2023, News.


Date of sighting: Sept 17, 2023
Source: My Family video

Yeah this is not a UFO sighting video, it's better. Its a very rare occurring migration of the most beautiful and loved bird in Taiwan.

This is very rare to catch tens of thousands of white Taiwan Egrets at once not traveling but gathering together on the migration path. This video was sent to my by my Aunt who said it was a beautiful moment like no other. I have lived in Taiwan 25 years, and never before witnessed this size of a group of Egrets. Just an amazing sight to see. Recorded at Shimen Reservoir, Taiwan. Very rare, I just had to share this wonderful sight. Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

 2023年9月17日樟湖村黃頭鷺遷徙爆六萬隻 超過6萬隻黃頭鷺飛越樟湖 賞


Taiwan coast guard ship confronts China military ship on April 8, 2023, Military World News.


Video Credit: Taiwan Minister Kuan Bi-ling, facebook
Translation to English: By Scott Waring

This just out today, I translated and wrote the subtitles in English myself. China vessels crossed into Taiwan territory waters and was warned off. China is doing a military exercise to punish Taiwan president for going to America and other countries to drum up support and friendship. So yesterday alone, Sat April 8th, 71 China military jets and 9 China military ships were inside Taiwan territory. Very soon, Taiwan will be attacked and China will use a fake military drill to do it with. If Taiwan is attacked, this channel will probably go silent, since all communications would be cut immediacy upon China attack in order for them to have a chance at success. Plz support Taiwan, we exist because the world cares to help keep us free. Scott C. Waring - Taiwan


LED Tech Makes UFOs Over Taiwan Building, Jan 6, 2022, UFO Sighting News. Video.


I saw and recorded this over Taiwans tallest building, once the tallest building. Just LED technology, but it just goes to show whats possible with new modern lights, and could even be used on day for Project Blue Beam, which is a program to create fake UFOs over major cities worldwide in order to unite all countries into one world government. Also, some are saying Blue beam is not real, and yet, the three 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan


Crew chosen For SpaceX's first private Starship mission to the moon, UFO Sighting News.


Crew chosen For SpaceX's first private Starship mission to the moon, 10 total crew members, including two backup crew, will join him on the roughly week-long flight that was originally scheduled to launch in 2023. That timeline will likely push to 2024. 

Guys this is cool. A Japanese billionaire has funded the entire civilian program. This is mind-bogglings stuff. I mean most NASA missions have hard core military, CIA, NSA. I can see by the faces of these individuals picked by SpaceX that they are none of the above, they are us, the people. I can't wait to hear and see what they encounter on the mission. Photos and video is going to be raw and unedited. Don't think for a second this doesn't share the shit out of NASA. The truth coming out, and making NASA look like a fool for lying, always does make the lier look the fool. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


Mile High Towers On Moon In Artemis Mission Photo. Video, UFO Sighting News.


Guys I found this last night and though I better make a video of it. Its just really amazing to find one tower that 1-2km tall, but to find two side by side is beyond rare. Aliens love the shadow areas of craters to hide from micrometeorites, with the wall offering some protection for ships and buildings. It's important to understand, that alien structures wont conform to what humans think they should be, but instead are what they are, and we need to respect the differences in cultural ways that they clearly have. Or in other words, we need to think outside the box if we the public are going to succeed at revealing the truth. Rather than be confined to NASAs tight lipped, scientific discoveries being drop fed to us, and us thrilled by it. Take a stand and begin searching photos with us. We will bring the truth, and we will win this fight. Disclosure will happen because of us uniting in our efforts. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

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Caught U.S. Speaker Nancy Pelosi Plane Landing, Taipei, Taiwan, Video, Aug 2, 2022 World News.


Hey all, I was on the running track tonight at about 10:40 pm and recorded U.S. Air Force plane that may include House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi. After seeing it, I checked and saw live news of it landing at that moment! This is her plane. Awesome news she came in safe and sound. Good for Taiwan and America. 

Also the fact that Nancy could use this in 2024 to help her get elected as president...seems possible. Or to help enforce a US president in 2024.

China wont take it sitting down. They will punish Taiwan in one form or another. Already the top 100 exporters in Taiwan were banned from sending to China. But I think Lanyu Island being closest to China will be taken over...even now as I type this, two huge China warships sit alongside it...threating its freedom.
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan


The mysterious peeing tree of Taiwan 🇹🇼, video, breaking world news.


I was at a BNB near the beach in Taiwan and two birds landed on my shoulders and stayed on me for 25 min, until I walked back to the BNB area and looked at the mysterious peeing tree. The birds seemed to like it and finally left landing on the tree. This tree got into Two TV News stations here in Taiwan so even they find it unique. On Taiwan. 

 Scott C. Waring

Beach in Taiwan, Two Birds Landed On Me, July 30, 2022, Taiwan Breaking News


I was at a BNB yesterday and decided to take a walk on the beach looking for fossils and sapphires, when suddenly a bird landed on my shoulder and then another on the other shoulder. I looked up and found two beautiful love birds panting hard from the 100F heat here. I let them ride me while I searched then I decided to carry them back to the BNB area where our neighbor BNB owns the birds, then I visited the mysterious peeing tree which just started this week. There the birds flew onto the tree after riding me 25 min. 

Funny thing, one of the birds kept at my necklace until it had unlatched three latches that locked it, before it fell off. I caught it and hid it in my pocket, but then they went for my watch...they love shiny news things. LOL, very playful and curious animals. I fed them back at the BNB and gave them some cold water. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

Found a fossil on the beach in Taiwan just like searching NASA photos for similar things. UFO Sighting News.


Hey all, I found this fossil when I went to a BNB along the southern east side of Taiwan. I was looking for fossils. Its something I enjoy doing in hopes of making a find worthy to give to the local museum. This interesting to me. Paleontology and archeology are to passions I have. This is a fossil of stringray teeth. Stringrays have about 5-8 rows of teeth. This particular fossil seems to be about 150-200,000,000 years old. I determined this from other fossils I have seen, held and studied. But this is the first stingray teeth I have found. I was actually intently searching for fossil shark teeth, but its rare in Taiwan. Never heard of anyone finding any, but so is this fossil of stingray teeth. Was going to take a video, but was too hot and two love birds landed on my shoulder for 25 minutes making this awkward. 

Searching for fossils is just like searching in NASA photos for similar ancient artifacts. The only difference is I'm not there in person doing it...which by the way...I would love doing. the similarities...this is what I do. 

I see here in Taiwan that people are worried about China invading. Chinese war ships and jets are having a military exercise, but Taiwanese think its a possible invasion in progress...due to US Nancy Pelosi visiting us in Taiwan. Not sure what will happen if China invades, but I will do my best to keep updating you on this situations if they do. 

Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


Found a pair of Song Ru Dynasty Vases (900-1200 year) Taiwan, Just News Of My Day.


This look very similar to the vase on Mars I found back in 2018. Click hear to read about it. 

As you may already know if you have been following me over the years, I have a passion for archeology and ancient antiques. Today I went to a small market area here in Taiwan and found a person selling antiques from China. Often antiques are snuck out of China and sold in other countries which value them more. I found something uniquely odd, rare and breathtaking...two small blue-green vases. 

At first I admired them for a few seconds, thought naw...couldn't be. Then I noticed the cracking effects, the size was right...they even had numerous flaws...I thought no...I saw such things in the Taipei museum, so...couldn't possible be real. But then I looked at the bottom...and saw the sesame seed marks from the ancient kilms of Song Ru. Most of the surviving pieces of Song Ru are small, blue/green often with a crackling ice effect (not from aging). Song Ru kilms made special pieces most often used for the Chinese Royalty, but  also lesser pieces made it to the masses. Song Ru began in the year 900 until about 1200. Some have sold for hundreds of dollars, others have sold for tens of millions. 

Anyways, I purchased two small vases for less than it costs to fill up my car tank with gas at $60 US for the pair. 

One vase measures 11.5cm by 7.5cm, has three sesame seed marks (metal prongs from Song Ru kilm) Its greenish blue is like that of a duck egg and its surface is flawed, aged, with a few tiny holes from the glaze in the kilm. Also I noticed the outside surface has a crystallization...which only comes from minerals in water...which tells me this was buried underground and may have come from an old grave a thousand years ago, but excavated no long ago. Its surface is a little rough, not smooth, but a little bit bumpy.

The second vase is more beautiful and measures 10cm tall by 8cm wide. This vase doesnt show any signs of crystallization, and looks well cared for, but has a few glaze bubble marks. Its surface is of higher quality...meaning it has the rare and highly desired crackled ice glaze effect which was made on purpose...and is not from aging. The bottom of the vase has 5 sesame seed marks from the Song Ru kilm holder...metal pins which held the vases while cooking. But best of all this one has a label that I have only seen on Song Ru in the Taipei National Museum...which says Northern Song Dynasty...which means they moved to kilms North in 1,100-1,200 year because of war. The label on mine is more correct for the period and age than most I seen on the internet...replicas do exist, however I do not believe these to to be fake, I believe they have a high probability of being real. 
So...that was my day today, then had some tea with the family at a restaurant and went home, because it was 93F degrees outside. 

Fake pieces are often flawless, made to be more eye appealing, more salable and more beautiful. The clay or pottery clay or ceramic is more pure, where Song Ru will have uneven thicknesses from side to side and when broken, air bubbles and impurities can be seen from the ancient methods used to crate the clay and materials. Fakes will not have these things.

There are ways to test the mineral content to see if it matches other Song Ru pieces...I may have that done later which is done in the UK. But for now...Just happy to look at them on my shelf. 😃
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan


I Found A Face Looking At Taiwan On Weather Map, May 19, 2022, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: May 19, 2022
Location of discovery: Taiwan

Hey all I was looking at a weather map for anomalies and found a big one. I found a face, a human-like angelic face looking down at Taiwan as if assuring it that Taiwan is being looked after by angelic beings. Now last month we had 50 confirmed covid cases per day, today we had 90,000 confirmed cases. Also the threat of China taking over Taiwan is a daily threat over here. But the face, has a look of confidence and happiness as if everything is being dealt with by them. Angels or aliens...its clear that they are a far superior species who are very large, but care about little us. Also did you notice how the air is being exhaled out of the nose of the person and spread across Taiwan? A cleansing, to rid us of covid.

Sure feels good to get a sign from them.
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


Watching see what will happen to us in Taiwan. Keeping fingers crossed.

 Hey all, as you know Ukraine is being attacked by Russia. If no country like the US tries to stop Putin, then the free world will soon be falling. You  see, Russia has few fears of monetary punishments. And if China sees that there is no military action taken to push Russian troops out of Ukraine, then China will attempt to do the same with Taiwan. Thats where I live and work. So...China is watching and waiting...for 24-48 hours there is a window of opportunity that China may take to attack Taiwan. That started three hours ago when Russia crossed into Ukraine. So...let's hope some president out there will lead an assault against Russia. If not...Taiwan will be next, Tibet and India and so on will fall like dominos. 

Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


UFO Fleet Over Farm Community In Taitung, Taiwan Feb 5, 2022, Video, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: Feb 5, 2022 at 8:20PM
Location of sighting: Taitung county, Taiwan

The woman in the video says there are six of them. That they all came from a hole in a cloud at the same time. It's a well known fact that UFOs create holes in stated in the O'Hare airport incident back in 2006 which was seen shooting up through a cloud, which left a dark opening hole for 15 minutes. 

This video just started to go viral here in Taiwan. Its a recording of two women who were out for a walk in farmland community of Taitung, Taiwan. No huge shopping centers, or big city areas at all. These are not search lights. There is no such reason in a farm community to have such things. Especially since this was not over the actual city, but far out near the mountains. This is all flat farm fields community surrounded by lush green mountain on all sides! Even the Taiwan military denied it was them and had no clue as to what it could be. The whole sighting lasted only 4 minutes, but the video is 100% proof that alien craft are visiting Taiwan. 
Scott C. Waring - New Taipei City, Taiwan 

News states (translated from Chinese): 
At around 8 o'clock tonight in Taitung , some people found that an unknown luminous body appeared in the sky above Zhiben, and the flight path was not like that of ordinary aircraft. It was unbelievable that they called it a UFO . The military stated that there are no related military planes or military activities in Taitung tonight, and all military activities around Taiwan are under control. "Originally 2 luminous bodies turned into 6 luminous bodies at once." Witnesses said that the light body appeared around 8:20 in the evening, and Zhiben was heading to the sky over Da Nan. When I took it, I didn't expect the luminous bodies to come together and separate at once, just like the UFOs circulating in movies and the Internet. According to the images taken by witnesses, the unidentified flying luminous body can not only traverse left and right, the light body will also flicker on and off, and there is no sound of an aircraft engine at all, and even more incredible will be combined and separated. The whole process takes about 4 minutes After that, it disappeared into the air.


Did A Chinese Sub or Alien Craft Hit The US Nuclear Sub in South China Sea? UFO Sighting News.


Date of incident: October 2, 2021
Location of incident: South China Sea

A US Navy Nuclear submarine which carries over 24 × Trident II D5 SLBM with up to 12 MIRVed W76 or W88 (475 ktTNT) nuclear warheads each, range 6,100 nmi (11,300 km; 7,000 mi). This submarine is reported by the US Navy having hit an UNKNOWN object in the South China Sea. Now if this object were an underwater mountain, radar would have said it and the US Navy would easily admitted too. However they did not. Its reported as an UNKNOWN object. 

This has only a few possible solutions that could be big enough and hard enough to hit a nuclear submarine. A whale is too soft and too small. Another submarine however...say Chinese might also have hit them...nudging warn them away, rather than shooting a torpedo which at that close range. would destroy both subs with all those nukes on board. Also the Chinese sub could have fired a dummy (not dangerous) torpedo to hit the US sub as a waring. 

I however believe it was an underwater alien craft that hit the submarine. Yes, an alien species that has taken it upon itself to stop a potential war from happening and may have also done the same to another Chinese submarine not far away. Aliens like to show off the the military that aliens have the technology to do...literally anything they want...even to be able to fly over US nuclear ballistic missile silos and disarm them so much...they cannot be repaired, as past military reports have admitted too. This is 100% proof that aliens are under the ocean in South China Sea...protecting not only Taiwan, but the world from disaster. 
Scott C. Waring, Taiwan

I took my second AZ Covid Shot Today, Oct 8, 2021, Taiwan, Not UFO Sighting News.


Hey everyone, me and my wife have both gotten our second covid shots of AZ today. Funny the Taiwan nurse asked, "Do you have any special preferences of covid vaccine?" I said sure, give me Moderna please." She responded, "What? We only have AZ?" worriedly looking at me. Two confused people having an almost normal end of the world conversation. LOL. And so I got the shot, waited 15 minutes of sitting down and left to Starbucks with my wife to celebrate. 

Needless to say, I don't know why anyone is hesitant to receive any shot that will protect you and save your life. Its a conspiracy that not part of, nor do I endorse. Take the shot, save you life so you can be there for your kids, your family, your friends, your fellow workers, your students. Even 25% of the Delta cases in hospitals are now children. If you are afraid, think about it this way, if you get Delta...chances are better than 1/24 to 1/12 that you will die. Chances of the shot killing you 1/500,000 depending on shot and health. Do the math, stay alive. That way...we can crack this top secret UFO area together. 

Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


Not sure when I will update, right now China wants to take over Taiwan...jets shaking my windows.

Guys, I'm a USAF vet living and working in Taiwan. If Taiwan is taken over by China (which could happen by noon today) then all posts and news from this site will end. China would stop all outgoing news by pulling the plug on wifi, 4G and 5G connections. Also possible China is practicing for later this month on attacking social media platforms before it takes Taiwan for real. 

I just woke up at 5:59  am here in New Taipei City, Taiwan to the sounds of a Taiwan F-16 fighter jet flying about 200-300 meters up. Very low, hauling ass in the direction of the ocean nearest China. Every day China has sent 30+ military jets over Taiwan airspace, yesterday it sent 56 jetThe aircraft included 34 Shenyang J-16 fighter jets, two SU-30 fighter jets, two Shaanxi Y-8 anti-submarine warfare (Y-8 ASW) planes, two KJ-500 airborne early warning and control aircraft (KJ-500 AEW&C), and 12 Xian H-6 bombers. 

It's very possible that China will take us over by noon today. The media outages worldwide may be Chinese hackers trying to stop the spread of news of them taking over Taiwan on social media so it slows a response by US and its allies. Can't leave, sons passport is in limbo in Taiwan embassy for last 6 weeks for unknown reason. It looks like outlook for Taiwan is FUBAR. 

In case this is it, its been fun reporting for you all and I hope you continue supporting the UFO community by also supporting other UFO reporters worldwide. 

Thank you for everything, 

Scott C. Waring - Taiwan


Transparent UFO Over Taichung Xitun, Taiwan, May 28, 2021, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: May 28, 2021
Location of sighting: Taichung Xitun, Taiwan 

Guys this was just sent to me tonight. A person was sitting on top of the roof having a drink with a friend, when they noticed something odd in the sky. He described the object being boat shaped, semi transparent and having an engine on its front. The video is raw footage directly from his phone and really is amazing. The UFO appears to be flying low and scanning the area. Now I am wondering if this is the USAF X-47B drone? Its a similar shape and could appear transparent when at the right lighting and angle. The US does have such drones on US aircraft carriers, but I am sure if it were the X-47B, its sharp edges would have been caught with much more detail than this. Yes US aircraft drones often patrol Taiwan to keep us safe from China, but like no aircraft I have ever seen before. It also has a dark diamond cockpit area which was visible in several of the screenshots I took. It could be aliens are interested in how Taiwanese are dealing with this recent outbreak of covid. Our covid just got serious last week and began spreading the UK variant across the country, even though we were safe for almost a year and half. I'm sure aliens would be interested in how Taiwanese are dealing with it, and why even now, Taiwanese stay inside, only going out for food, hospital and work. We are on a level 3 alert, level 4 alert is total lockdown, which may happen in a few days. Yeah...aliens want to see for themselves what they only hear about in the news. How Taiwan is facing the the threat head on, and the public as a whole unite to follow the mask rules, stay inside rules, no school or gathering rules. It seems many countries have had difficulty imposing these rules, but here...we are good natured and wish to help end the spreading of covid. So...I believe aliens are...doing research. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

The eyewitness stated: 
"There are really flying saucers! ! ! ! interesting. May 28 23:4.  I just moved a chair on the top floor of my house. I want to talk, drink something, and take a look at the night scene by the way. After a while, I saw something flying on the other side of the cloud, slightly transparent, it was a flying boat! Not an airplane! It's a flying boat. It's very similar to what appeared in the movie! Bigger than an airplane! He is invisible, the feeling is like the feeling of projecting the image behind the light with the engine in front! Directly upload the video, you can save it and zoom in to watch it!" (translated from Chinese).

BELOW IS THE X-47B TO COMPARE AND CONTRAST. It has similarities, yet, we don't see the sharp edges in the video. 


Foo Fighter Fleet Below Jet Over Taipei, Taiwan 1-16-2014, UFO Sighting News, MUFON.


Below is a close up of one of the orbs at the very end of the video that darts into a cloud to hide.

Date of sighting: 1-16-2014
Location of sighting: Taipei, Taiwan
Source: MUFON #60850

Guys this is just amazing. Although this is a video from 2014, it shows something thats all too rare nowadays. Foo fighters! And a whole fleet of them to boot. There are at least nine of these white orbs, but probably three times more due to the eyewitness unable to see directly below, in front of, behind or to the opposite side of the plane. So what we see is just a small sample of the entire Foo Fighter fleet. 

At the end of the video I can hear the flight attendant asking him in English and then Chinese to "please put your phone away while we are landing." It totally explains why he caught only 37 seconds of mind-blowing raw footage of the event. 

Also, if you watch in full screen mode, you will see orbs appearing from behind the plane wing...that is 100% proof that these are flying objects outside the window and not reflections from overhead reading lights on the plane. 

What really hit me is that at the end of the video...he zooms in with his iPhone 5s and we see two white spheres quickly move into the clouds to hide...they sensed they were being watched! Alien computers systems have the ability to not just scan for data, but to scan for telepathic data too. That means it can sense some of our thoughts, especially powerful ones like awe, love, fear. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

Eyewitness states: Hello Mufon my name is [Name removed/cms/tg] I have witness 8~10 UFOs flying . I was on the air plane of Eva Airline. from Vancouver Canada to Taipei, Taiwan BR0009 it was Oct16 5am.. 30 mins before landing first clip was only 5 seconds, I saw a bright light flying under. 2nd picture i saw 3 UFO in my camera 3rd video I have is 38 seconds. about 8 UFo flying under the plane [Link moved to FI Section/cms/tg] and i used SLOW MOTION of iphone 5s to film the 36 s video until they asked me to shut down my camera due to landing policy here is the videos and pix in my drop box [Link moved to FI Section/cms/tg] feel free to download.. thank you location is at the North East of Taiwan.



Strange lights Over New Taipei City, Taiwan Oct 30, 2020, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: Oct 30, 2020
Location of sighting: New Taipei City, Taiwan

Hey guys, I was closing my window for the night at work when I saw these strange lights in the sky. They are not spot lights. I walked over there after work and saw nothing in that area for three blocks. I have never seen these lights in this location before, so I began to record a short video of them. I was still at work and wanted to say goodbye to some kids in person so I ended the video after a minute and a half. Twenty minutes later after work the lights were gone, but I walked that way to go home and saw nothing in that location. I believe these to be some kind of energy ships with energy beings abroad. They don't have a pattern to their movements and are moving unpredictably. Aliens over my home, I'm not surprised. 
Scott C. Waring