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William Shatner Seeks Answers About Aliens So He Writes A Book, UFO Sighting News.

William Shatner is known to be a great writer, but here he tells how he has questions about aliens, abductions and their advanced ways of reasoning. To find the answers, he does research into past abductions and trys to find clues to give him answers. Obviously he has not done a lot of research or he would be more confident in the existence of aliens. He sounds like he is still afraid to say that he believes in the existence of aliens for fear he will be ridiculed by his peers in Hollywood. In time...he will get past that and gain confidence from his research. SCW


Apollo 20 UPDATED: I added a video of naked alien woman plus an interview with William Rutledge, UFO Sighting News

The above is a photo I took of the computer screen photo on NASA archives. I did this because your digital camera will fix the blurry parts and add more detail to the photo. I then added the words and arrows.

I received a lot of emails asking me to give them more information about William Rutledge and so I added another video that he posted of the alien which is covered by a wax like coat to protect her and keep her in a hibernation all those years. I wrote seven pages about him, the things he claims about Apollo 20, and the only interview he ever gave. Understand he is now in his late 80s. I have not heard from him in over a year so I only hope that he is still health and safe somewhere in Africa. I also give a review of his videos for you to understand whats in them. I hope this helps you understand the whole Apollo 20 mission. It's hard to believe at first, but really, NASA keeps a lot of missions secret, never telling the public about them. But with internet today, its becoming harder and harder for them to keep such secrets.

The updated post link is below, or just click the Apollo post on the far left of this post.

Thank you for your interest in Apollo 20,

Scott C. Waring-UFO Sightings Daily

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