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Alien Abductee Speaks About 2012 And The Things To Come, UFO Sighting News.

Eyewitness states the following: 
"I was seeded with knowledge of some things to come..It was not learned or discussed..It was "placed" inside of me. It is something that I do know, which most cannot imagine how it feels. We ALL were to always be aware of..ET and things to come. Not predicting future but it was known to them (ET) as they shared the information of an astronomical / celestial forecast, that would also include ET. That event is known to the greys..I am not lying, I am telling the truth as I know it from my encounters. Maybe the greys are lying to me. I don't trust them not only because they are alien to me still but also because my encounters all have been abduction...I do not trust man..even more..when it comes to our leaders and the powers that have taken control."

"We are being lied to about ET and UFOs for a reason..and it is to benefit the elite..NWO...the "powers that be" in a way you can never imagine. Nor could I ..if I had not seen nor experienced with ET that has changed my life and what I am able to see. I was asked what I thought about 2012..and this video is my short reply..."