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Underground Cities Found On Mars, Nov 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: November 24, 2014
Location of discovery: Mars
NASA source:
Chance its real structures: 95%

This is another photo from the Mars Global Surveyor mission from back in 1996.  I have seen these square areas of land before. They were on the moon in craters not one time but hundreds. This is a fake Mars surface for below the surface cities. The roof often comes in clear, semi clear, grey and even black squares, but are never just single squares. What makes this one unusual is that the land area still has the Mars dust/dirt on it, where I have never seen this particular roof surface before, although the design is the same. For a long time I believed and still do that these roofs also symbolize words or meaning. A symbolic code if you will, made using their roofing materials. 
 In space, when you want to make a city, you have to do it under the ground. It makes it safer from radiation, heat and cold. It also makes you safe from micro meteorite impacts. This is also why I often find ships docked at inside edges of crates. Statistically, the chance of the ship being hit by a meteorite or debris has been greatly reduced by the wall of the crater. 

No these are not pixillation. Yes I have been studying such anomalies for many years and I can tell the difference. This is not an example of it. I love how NASA tried so professionally (cough, cough...laughing at NASA) to cover up this area by placing large long black strips across the photo. Another fail by NASA to hide the truth from the public. I have even seen them use take for such a task. SCW