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Woman In Dress Found On Mars In Curiosity Rover @NASA Photo, Nov 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: November 5, 2016
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo:

I found something unusual...wait, that sums up the thousands of things I have already found in the past. 

I found a figure, carved in the ground or roof of a structure. Its very crude, but I believe thats due to the fact of time, erosion and possibly a war that may have caused Mars to be this way. 

This is the find of the century, because of many things like it being a figure, a woman in a dress, two arms and two legs, one head. This is one of the few carvings I have found on Mars that depict a human-like species. I have found hundreds, but never looking human, and her dress is raised up in the front, and longer in the back, much like the ladies of use to wear back in the 1700s here on Earth. 

Something confusing is her chest, it has the breasts one above the other, unlike women on earth who have them side by side. No, I was not looking for this. It just stood out so much it was obvious what it was. It took a whole 3-5 seconds of looking at the photo to see it. 
Scott C. Waring