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Glowing Entities In Storm Cloud Over Castle, Scotland, March 5, 2016, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 5, 2016
Location of sighting: Linlithgow, Scotland
Source: MUFON #74981

I have seen this before, a few years ago. UFOs often appear in storm clouds, and when they do, their speed is incredibly fast. So fast, the human eye usually wont see it. The digital eye however will often catch it, depending on the shutter speed. It is thought that some energy entities feed off of the static electricity in these storm clouds and that is why they gather. When they feed, its alway in groups, so there has to be at least a dozen more around that the camera didn't see. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
Visiting Blackness Castle near Linlithgow in Scotland on the 5th March 2016. Taking many photos with the sun setting behind me. The shutter rate on my camera was very high 2500th of a second on F9 stop. On one of my photos i noticed 2 glowing objects taken at 17:25 Greenwich Mean Time. These objects only showed in one of my photos. Blackness Castle is near Bonnybridge and the Falkirk Triangle a hot spot for UfO sightings.


UFOs Seen Over Holy Place Of Rishikesh, India On April 20, 2013, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 20, 2013 but reported on Aug 31, 2013
Location of sighting: Rishikesh, India

There are three major things I notice in the video. 

1st off these UFO or entities are very similar to the the UFO Sighting over Nortre Dame when lighting strikes caused the stadium to be evacuated, (UFO Sightings Daily was on CNBC with that sighting, but video was deleted. Part of video here.) That was Sept 2011, very similar UFOs, but I believe these to be entities that cause lighting when there are too many of them in one area. 

2nd, these don't move like orbs or craft as much as they move like living creatures. Thus I call them entities. 

3rd, one of the entities appears from an area of the mountain side. This entity first has a small burst of light, then a big burst (pause, start video at 5.36-38 at HD, full screen settings and see.) This shows us that this sacred site is that way for a reason. These angel like entities have been seen before thus they locals bible or stories changed around them. 

4th, this location on the mountain shows us the approximate location of a hidden entrance, mind you, there must by many because we also see these entities appear around the top of the mountain. Go to this place where the arrow points to pray or talk to them or what have you. They will hear you. SCW

Eyewitness states:
Me and my friends went for a trip to Rishikesh to view Lakshman Jhula aka Lakshman Bridge, and to do river rafting over Ganges/ Ganga, and i made couple of video from My Galaxy s2 Mobile, and when i came home i transferred the data the my PC, and forgot about it, as i was not aware about a shock which i actually got after 4 months, while going through backups.

While watching this video, I noticed some strange "cigars shape UFO's".

Well situation was like this : I was relaxing in my hotel room with brother and friend, and then there was sudden thunderstorm sound started, it was strong, very strong, i ran out with my dslr and mobile to capture some shots, but I didn't know what i will capture in video, I wish i had an ultra fast video camera to get higher rate. Anyways but today i decided to publish it on my YouTube channel, and started editing it to make it slow motion 5 to 6x.... Which can be seen in the video.

I will upload the Actual Raw Video in day or two, as my bloody internet connection is a slow snail.

In the raw video, you can see the super strong strange winds, which atleast i had never seen or experienced before, it was so strong that we were not even able to stand....

Their were more then 6 to 8 UFO, i counted. But i can be wrong..