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Two Military Jets Escorting UFO To Secret Base, Alien Tech In Military Hands? UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: August 2011
Location of sighting: Italy
New Details: This may be near USA Aviano Air Base, in the north-east of Italy, near Pordenone.

Here is an amazing catch by someone hiking in the hill and happens to have their video cam on. Most of us have done that at one time or another. But then suddenly two jets chasing a UFO shoot across the sky and over the hills. Todays cameras are catching high details.

Details that make me think its legit are:
1. The flashing light on the UFO
2. The person lowers the lens to look at the ground as he runs to catch sight of them again, a fake would   alway focus ahead. 
3. An escort of two military jets so close means the UFO is being flown by one of their pilots. They are in formation.
4. This alien looking craft could be part of the "Project Blue Beam" plan to take place.
5. Rocca Pia castle in Italy has an underground base. The aliens call themselves the "W56," because in the base 56 different space faring species can be found. Check this old post of ours at

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