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Black UFO Hovering Through Rain Forest In Brazil, Nov 2012.

Date of sighting: November 2012
Location of sighting: Brazilian Rain Forest

I noticed that the camera used seems to be an old style cell phone. The black UFO has a after-image if it moves too fast...but note the leaves on the trees also have this after-image when the camera itself moves to fast. This evidence backs up the sighting as legit. When I adjusted the light on the UFO I noticed that it's edges seemed to have curvature indicating this object is not a sphere but a disk. There is a black rectangle on the bottom, possible the doorway of the craft. 

Also last year in the same region a small grey alien was recorded for a few minutes near a blackish glowing craft. SCW

"This is footage by an American scientist while investigation a unique and rare species of mammals in the region."

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