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UFO sighting in Maine on Nov 10, 2010, video & photos.

Date of sighting: November 10, 2010
Location of sighting: Harpswell, Maine

This craft has two glowing orbs, on larger one smaller. It is a ver clear sunset. As I have said before, 70% of all UFO sightings fall in sunset and sunrise. This person captured some great evidence here with this video.

He stated this: "They show for me! That is the only explanation I have, I meditate and ask for sightings and this is the results."

It must be true, I can hear his friends in the back ground talking about meditation and the "Galactic Federation." I also heard him say there were 22 different species known. Robert Lazar actually said in Area S4 they teach you that there are 26 different alien space faring species. I guess I'll trust Bob on this one, being a S4 back-engineering scientist within Area 51.

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