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Cell Phones: A Poem by Scott C. Waring

Cell Phones: A Poem By Scott C. Waring

The phone, what a marvelous invention.
It rings and rings and rings, was that the intention?

It rings me through the day.
It rings me through the night.
It rings to tell me about things far out of my sight.

It rings to tell me of births.
It rings to tell me of deaths.
It never stops, never sleeps, never gives it a rest.

It rings to inform me of bills.
It rings to survey my life.
But never once has it rung without bringing me a bit of strife.

It rings me during breakfast and twice during lunch.
It rings me during dinner, not twice but just once.

I hear it in the office, at work and in the car.
It’s relentless and ruthless, and wont let me escape far.

So here I warn you all, of this dreadful haunting.
Take your cell phone batteries out now, and let’s leave them wanting.

Throw it to the ground and jump up and down.
Pounding it into the cement, letting its death be its last sound.

But ghostly rings will occur, they will be heard here and there.
For this invention you smashed seems to travel through the air.

It stalks our families, our neighbors, our friends.
It controls them all.
It will by no means end.

We need that ring so much, that without it were empty inside.
So we beg for its forgiveness and wait impatiently for it to decide.

That little ring, that ding-a-ding-ding.
Why do I have this feeling, I’ll be buried with this thing?

Even after death, I will call from beyond the grave.
I will put god on speed dial and I will ask him what gave?

But I bet he’ll have call waiting, to avoid all my calls.
Because why would he want to confront, his eternal downfalls.

But don’t you worry about me.
Don’t you fret a single bit.
I’ll get through to him one day.
Then I’ll really give him some shit!

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