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Alien Crop circle in Gray has residents wondering, June 1, 2015, TV News Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: June 1, 2015
Location of discovery: Gray, Tennessee, USA
News source:

Its a little ironic that this circle was discovered in a city call Gray, as if named after the species of aliens that are 1 meter tall with grey skin and big heads. This is the second time the crop formation was seen in this area and it may be a messages, or it may be the landing marks of a UFO that wanted to take measurements and analyse the crop for any DNA modifications of the food. SCW

News states:
Some folks that live on Old Gray Station Road are asking questions about a strange sight that popped up overnight.

Tim Blumberg was putting a letter in his mailbox this morning, when he turned around and saw what appears to be a crop circle.

The high grass in the hay field has been pushed down, into what appears to be the design of two half moon shapes, facing opposite directions, connected by a bar of some kind, with another circle inside each one.

"I couldn't explain it," said neighbor Tommy Carty, "if it was something out of the ordinary, if the wind had done something out of the ordinary or peculiar, or if it was a sign from Heaven."

While he can't explain it, Carty said he is sure of one thing... "if the little green men are coming this way, I'm not ready for them, I'm ready for the good Lord to come after me," he said.

Both men say they know there is a good chance this is a prank, but both walked out into the field and said there are no tracks, human or machine, anywhere near the strange diagram.

So what will they do now?

"Take lots of pictures I guess," says Blumberg, "hope we don't get any alien abductions... Count your cows."