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Hey Magician David Copperfield Answered Me On Twitter Today. UFO Sighting News.

Date of Tweet: Nov 5, 2023

David Copperfield is about to perform his newest magic trick, one that would out perform all other acts he has done in the past. He will make the moon disappear on Feb of 2024. He also suggested that people worldwide might see some moon or strange lights appearing and disappearing in the sky over the last few months, so I got onto twitter and asked him about a several moon shaped objects over the mountains of Las Vegas area that were seen on 9-21-2023. Those objects were the same shape, and color of the moon itself. Oh, and David Copperfield lives in Las Vegas. See the tweet below. 

I have seen him perform in Taiwan about 5 years ago, Davids parents sat a few rows ahead of me and my wife. Davids acts on stage and off were just mind boggling. I can't wait to see him make the moon disappear. 

I had to go on and ask him, a burning question that I have long wondered about David Copperfield, is he more than human? Is he from another world and these illusions are real? So I asked him. (tweet below). 
Scott C. Waring