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Giant Explosion On Planet Jupiter! Sept 13, 2021, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Sept 13, 2021
Location of sighting: Planet Jupiter

Jose Luis Pereira was using his telescope and recording Jupiter when he caught something fantastic. A huge glow suddenly appears and then is gone on the surface of the planet. This could be a meteor, but I see no sign of a meteor incoming, no tail, no glowing from hitting Jupiters atmosphere. Thats really odd to me and tells me that this is not a meteor from space. However I do notice that the explosion seems to come from the planet itself. I believe that an alien bomb of some type has detonated, or some high tech energy buildings similar to our nuclear reactors, but far more advanced with an energy we cannot yet comprehend has exploded. This tells me that Jupiter is inhabited and the clouds around it could very well be from such detonations across its surface. Are they are war? Or are the detonations an accident? Only one way to find to travel there. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


Absolute undeniable proof that ancient aliens did once exist on Mars. UFO Sighting News.


Date of discovery: Sept 1, 2021
Location of discovery: Mars sol 

I found an alien face carved into stone on the surface of mars. The face is in a Mars photo is on the far right center of the picture. The face is looking upwards and to the right. It has only one eye visible from this side but its side profile tells us a lot. The side cheek bones are thicker and wider than humans, the upper front cranium comes out further than ours. The eyes, nose, mouth, lips and chin are all similar in location on the face as our own. However this alien face looks far from being human. This face may be a maker similar to a tomb stone to mark the burial site of a person who died. The face is in remarkably good condition and is about 1 meter across from chin to top of head. The face looks to be thousands of years old. 

Now people will often say its the imagination playing tricks on you. That its not what it appears to be. Those people are inexperienced at this area and have zero experience in psychology unlike myself holding a masters decree in counseling education. So...I am 100% correct. This is an alien face made thousands of years ago on Mars. Absolute undeniable proof that ancient aliens did once exist on Mars. 

Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


5km White UFO In Crater On Planet Ceres, June 17, 2021 UFO Sighting News.


Date of discovery: June 17, 2021
Location of discovery: Dwarf Planet Ceres, Astroid Belt

While searching a Ceres map I noticed that the map was deliberately lightened by NASA to hide the details. So I added some contrast and the things started popping out. Adding too much light, making photos black and white and also using false color (mars photos) to confuse the public so that we don't notice the alien artifacts on the surface of the moons and planets. But once you become use to this...its easy to focus it and restore the photo to its original glory most the time. 

This UFO is parked in a crater, where most the UFOs I find on planets and moons are commonly found. The crater is about 25km by 35km more or less and that would make the size of this spaceship 5km from wing tip to wing tip. It could easily carry tens of thousands of passengers. It's like a small city inside this craft. 

Can you imagine what Elon Musk would say if he knew about this craft? I bet it would be, "I'll get there in 30 days." But I'm sure Elon Musk gets alot of alien tech from DARPA program. They leak it out bit by bit to get it into the public sectors. I think even President Biden has no clue to the existence of this alien spacecraft and others out there. Even US presidents are kept on a need to know basis about aliens and alien tech. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


Huge Face Found On Mars That Looks Human, Dec 20, 2020, Photos, UFO Sighting News.


Date of discovery: Dec 20, 2020
Location of discovery: Mars

I found an interesting human-like face on the side of a hill on Mars in a Mars photo today. The face has features similar to us, forehead, eyes, nose, lips chin, neck. It's made from materials in the hill itself, much how humans have carved faces in Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. It measures about 4 meters tall and is looking out over Mars. Undeniable proof that aliens similar to humanity once walked the surface of Mars long, long ago. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan


Doorway On Mercury Into Underground City Found! UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Sept 7, 2020
Location of discovery: Mercury, North Pole Region

I found a white fungus structure, but next to it is a massive square entrance. The entrance is dark from the shadowy depth. The map ruler says this square entrance is 5km by 5km. Thats big enough for spaceships to enter and exist. This must be one of the entrances to an underground city. This entrance and the structure near it are 100% proof that aliens exist and thrive on Mercury. Now you know why NASA tries to keep the existence of aliens secret. There is alien tech and bases on every planet and moon in our solar system. Easy pickings for any country with the ability to retrieve it. 
Scott C. Waring

5km Structure On Mercury With 2.5km Tall Doorway. Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Sept 2020
Location of discovery: Mercury 

This is an interesting structure on Mercury. The building is about 5km across according to the rule of the map. Also it has a huge rectangle doorway. The door is probably for ships to enter and exit. Life could not exist on the surface exposed to space unless there were buildings on the surface, however life could exist under the ground in cities built to house tens of thousands. That door is 1.5km across by 2.5km tall. 
Scott C. Waring 


Video! 7km Tall Archway On Planet Mercury, Mind-blowing Size! Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Sept 1, 2020
Location of discovery: Mercury

How is this even possible? Even I am baffled at the purpose and the reason for such a massive structure to exist. I found this archway using a Mercury map thats online. According to the measuring device at the bottom of the map...this archway is 5km across and over 7km tall. Yeah you read right. I am just shaking my head as I write this. Its nuts I know...but its there and if you click on the link I give you, you will see it with your own eyes, and compare its size to the ruler in the lower right hand corner of the map and make your own estimates of its hight. Its not often I come across something that...makes me go wow! But todays that day. 100% proof that aliens exist on Mercury and are technologically advanced far beyond humanity. Maybe a possible stargate of some type for ships to travel through. 

Now I say 7km to be conservative, because at points it looks 10km on ruler. You be the judge. 

I found it, so I'm naming it. Warings' Gate. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan


Alien Face Found On Mars And Buildings! ESA Photo, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: I found back in 2004
Location of discovery: Mars canyon called Valles Marineris
Source photo:

Hey, I found this face way back in 2004, one year before Youtube existed. I did make a video of it about twelve years ago, but the quality is fuzzy and blurry. So I made a new one in HD. 

The face has remarkable detail to it. It has a face that is a combination of a human face with a cat. The face is an alien species and does depict the true features of the aliens face. This tells us so much. They have technology on their face, maybe to help them do more. The right side cheek has a bulky tech section that has some unknown function. There is also tech going over the right eye and into the left ear. But thats not the amazing thing. The truly mind blowing thing is that there is a third eye. Yes, is golden unlike the other two red eyes. It may have a use or may be symbolic. The third eye is suppose to be a metal ability to transcend space and time and transport you to a plain of higher consciousness. Also, did you notice the green in the area on the face? There is a grass like plant growing around there. Green...on Mars? This is 100% proof that intelligent life and plant life exist on Mars. But the real question would humans react if standing infant of an alien with this face? 

Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


Creature Found On Mars, 100% Proof Mars Has Life, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: May 22, 2020
Location of discovery: Mars, SOL 1033
Source photo:

Today I found two unique animals on Mars, both seem to be creatures that live in a shell and travel with it. The animals are similar to a snail, but think fist size. Here in Taiwan we have snails that size, so its not impossible at all. Also they may be more crab like in their body...meaning an many land crabs or hermit crabs. 

I and other UFO researchers have discovered time and time again that life exists on Mars, yet every time I confront NASA about anything...they rudely ignore every message I send on Twitter. 

I wish I had control of just one of the Mars rovers for a few months. In that time I could find, record and reveal the truth about Mars. Something NASA is not about to allow. 

Did you know there were seven rovers missions sent to Mars?
The Mars rovers missions of the past decades are: Mars 2, Mars 3, Sojourner, Beagle 2, Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity.
Scott C. Waring 


Ancient Structures On Planet Mercury In NASA Photo! UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: May 2020
Location of discovery: Mercury
NASA Mission: Mariner 10
Photo ID: PIA00068
Exact Location on Mercury: Tolstoj Quadrangle H-8
NASA Photo:

This photo is not a black and white photo, but an infrared photo. The Mariner 10 had an "8-postition filter wheel." Each filter allows the camera to take a different kind of photo. Infrared allows you to see things the human eye cannot.

These structures were not built yesterday, but most likely have been there thousands or more years. Time is of little importance to ancient aliens because they do not age like we do. Their anatomy is totally under their control allowing them to decide what age to be, alter their appearance and more. So building a structure so massive...although it may take a hundreds of years...its of little consequence too them. 

I took the original photo and enlarged it +200% allowing this incredible view of the surface of Mercury. I wonder if any of the doubters or skeptics have tried this? Or are they too busy being paid by the NSA to leave negative feedback, comments and such across the internet when actual evidence arrises? I know you skeptics are paid NSA employees! 
Scott C. Waring


Ancient Alien Skull Found On Mars, Half Meter Across! Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: May 18, 2020
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo:

Searching through Mars photos for details and artifacts that NASA has missed is very fun. I am really surprised most people never try and thus never truly believe its possible. It does take time and an attention to detail, but trust can do it too. 

Today I found an alien skull. Its a large skull about half a meter across and has fierce looking long teeth. The jaw area is larger than humans and indicates that it probably had a thick neck area. I have to admit I have found a lot of faces, but this unique and unlike the others. It doesn't look like a sculpture, but more like a fossilized skull. Such things could still remain on Mars if minerals have fossilized it. 
Scott C. Waring 


Massive Alien Cities On Venus As Big As Los Angeles! Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: April 28, 2020
Location of discovery: Venus
Source Map: (deleted by NASA)

I went to the Venus NASA map and it was no longer working. Its ok, I got my own copy of it I downloaded last year. Let me show you why they took this map down. There are many alien cities visible on this map. Some so big...they look like a single structure, but are actually bigger than the city of Los place of birth. Just like LA this wheel structure extends 70 km across. 

I found that the structure above has a wheel like design and is very similar to descriptions of the ancient city of Atlantis. Can you see the tunnels, the intelligent design? Its just extraordinary to see, let alone to think about. 

I never expected the US gov to take down the Venus map, but lucky I had a copy of it. I will continue to post structures from it now and then. 

And a personal message to NASA, you will never be able to hide the existence of other alien species by hitting the delete button. That is so 1980s of you. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan


Old Bottle Found On Mars Near NASA Rover, Proof Of Ancient Culture, Video, UFO Sighting News

Location of sighting: Mars 
Source photo:

Looking though the gigapan Mars photos, I found something that closely resembles an ancient clay bottle. Its very similar to this 2,000 year old Roman bottle which I include into the photo for you to compare. Again I am showing you a NASA Mars photo which has been altered by NASA into a False Color...which makes the surface look red and brown. But in reality, Mars surface looks more similar to a desert on Earth. NASA adds False Color to hide from the public the fact that Mars is more hospitable than they want you to know. This way, there is no other country racing to Mars and NASA will have no competition...which gives them a lot of time to get there. 
Scott C. Waring


Two Aliens Ships Found On Asteroid Vesta In Feb 2019, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Feb 11, 2019
Location of discovery: Asteroid Vesta

 This is asteroid Vesta and on it I found two diamond shaped ships resting on its surface. NASA also happens to think that this might not be an asteroid, but a small planet...the size of the state of Arizona. 

The two ships I found are both similar in length and width, but slightly different in design. One is more shiny and metallic than the other, which makes me believe there is a thick layer of dust on one of the craft make for a dull appearance. Just that fact that NASA states..."Even though Vesta is only the size of Arizona, the astroid may be a planet." This really is exciting news, and makes me wonder...just how many planet discoveries are going to be made in our solar system over the next few decades? Probably a lot. 
Scott C. Waring


100% Proof That Intelligent Aliens Live On Planet Mercury Right Now! Jan 6, 2019, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: January 6, 2019
Location of discovery: Planet Mercury 
NASA photo:

I have a lot of fun searching for structures in NASA, ESA and JAXA photos. I feel a real high every time I discover a new alien structure. The more clear and focused the structure, the bigger the high. Who needs drugs when you got such an amazing reality all around you? No-one can hide the truth 100%...and here is the proof of that. I have discovered a long black structure in a crater on planet Mercury. This structure is non reflective black...stealth black probably so it wont reflect radar and so it wont stand out. 

You see, even aliens have enemies...they are not hiding the structures from humanity, they are hiding them from other alien species that may target them. Yes...even advanced alien species have problems with one another. Call it cultural or racial discrimination, but its there. They are not perfect, and many have not conquered their own desires yet...having not learned how to control many of their emotions. 

Scott C. Waring