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Ancient Alien Face Found In Mars Rover Photo! Sept 13, 2021, UFO Sighting News.


Date of discovery: Sept 13, 2021
Location of discovery: Mars

This discovery I made is from Sol 3040. If you really think about it, whats left thousands of years after our species has disappeared? Whats left? What will others find. Well, if you look around outside, you will notice a lot of faces in photos, billboards, signs, advertisements and more everywhere. But in this society on Mars...they used the local materials, clearly they were not as advanced as humans are right now, but nevertheless...they were intelligent, they did appear to be semi human. So why were those artifacts there? My guess is it was a tribute much like a tomb stone in a cemetery to show who died and tell others who they were, when they lived, and to be...remembered. Now, thats my hypothesis, every scientist has one. I found a similar celtic ancient face in a museum and put it side by side with the mars face. They look the same, same species, same mouth, eyes, nose and forehead, cheeks. They may have been relatives in the distant past. The people of Mars and the people of Earth...some how related. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan


White Triangle Fungus Found On Mars And Other Anomalies UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: March 1, 2021
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo:

I was looking over an old Mars photo, when something just hit me. I just opened the photo and there in front of me was a huge white triangle in the side of hill. The triangle looked like it was not a rock. I say that because there is nothing in this entire Mars photo that resembles the white color of this triangle. I do believe it to be a fungus. There is also another possibility...that its a door blocking an entrance and it was made to seal off the heat from the outside so the inside stays cool. There was also a small square opening not far from the triangle which could be a window. 

On the other side of the photo there are a few anomalies that defy any explanation but one...that there was once intelligent life on Mars. A strange sculpture of a woven birdlike head. A statue head and even a large box about 2 meters across with a stone lid! These are not made by nature, but by intelligent beings from an ancient civilization that once lived and thrived on Mars. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan


Life Recorded On Mars! Moving Rock, 1 meter tall! Alien Animal Found, UFO Sighting News.


Hey everyone. I made a post about this 6 years ago, but I wanted to make an updated post so I made this video to go along with it. Did you notice the other two smaller black animals that photo number 4? I made the video and didn't notice it till I was finished. They might actually have a black exoskeleton and be crab like creatures. Here on earth, crabs exist in the sea, lakes, rivers, mountains, forests and jungles. They are very strong. 

Another possibility is growing rocks. Rocks that are living creatures, but not like we know them to be. I remember many years ago (4-6) William astronaut now living in Rwanda spoke about his experience during his Apollo 20 mission. He said he saw yellow living rocks on the abandoned cigar shaped UFO in Deporte crater on the moon. He said they grew in size and a useful liquid chemical came out of them. NASA urls below. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


Creature Found On Mars, 100% Proof Mars Has Life, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: May 22, 2020
Location of discovery: Mars, SOL 1033
Source photo:

Today I found two unique animals on Mars, both seem to be creatures that live in a shell and travel with it. The animals are similar to a snail, but think fist size. Here in Taiwan we have snails that size, so its not impossible at all. Also they may be more crab like in their body...meaning an many land crabs or hermit crabs. 

I and other UFO researchers have discovered time and time again that life exists on Mars, yet every time I confront NASA about anything...they rudely ignore every message I send on Twitter. 

I wish I had control of just one of the Mars rovers for a few months. In that time I could find, record and reveal the truth about Mars. Something NASA is not about to allow. 

Did you know there were seven rovers missions sent to Mars?
The Mars rovers missions of the past decades are: Mars 2, Mars 3, Sojourner, Beagle 2, Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity.
Scott C. Waring 


Animal Found on Mars, Six Legged Lizard Creature In NASA Rover Photo, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: March 29, 2020
Location of discovery: Mars, Sol 1448

 While looking through Sol 1448 of Mars, I noticed a strange creature on the hillside. The object seems to be a species of lizard, but unlike anything we have here on Earth. This create has massive hind legs and two front thinner legs. Six legs in total. The animal has a short reptile like tail that curls at its end. The head of the creature is more similar to that of a mammal than a reptile. Its tall ears bent forward like a dogs, its long snout area and thick mouth area also similar to that of a dog. Perhaps its living species of pet that people on Mars preferred to keep company with? Hard to say, but it would be nice if the rover drove a bit closer to see this animal in more detail. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan


Two Shoes Found On Mars, Evidence Of Powerful Weapon, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: March 13, 2020
Location of discovery: Mars SOL 1044
Source photo:

I was looking over a Mars photo when I noticed two objects that resemble shoes. Each shoe is different in size. One is large and the other small as if they were feet from a parent and child. Why would only feet be left is unknown, but nevertheless, they sit there in front of us. Long ago I suggested that Mars may have had a weapon that could turn flesh and bone into stone...a weapon that would leave statues as reminders of the fear that you should have of the enemy. I still believe this to be true, and in front of us is the evidence. 
Scott C. Waring 


Ancient Alien Face On Hillside On Mars, Sol 2334, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Feb 2020
Location of discovery: Mars, Sol 2334

I was looking at some mars photos when I found this highly detailed face on the hilltop. I actually noticed the huge fallen statue in front of it first, then the face after. The face looks human like, because of the shape of its face and hair. The face has a human like eyebrow ridge, closed eyes, nose, check wrinkles, lips, and mouth. The detail is remarkable. The only visible difference in the face is that the head is more circle shaped rather than oval shaped. I find that detail in most the faces I find. 

These discoveries should not come as a surprise. The universe is full of intelligent life. Each rose and fell in their own time not ours. This face above, is the face of their entire species. Its a clue...its what we have to go on, so lets use the clues we find more often. We will find the answer faster this way.
Scott C. Waring 


Alien Structures Found On Mars In NASA Photo, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Feb 2020
Location of discovery: Nile Crater, Mars
Source photo:

This is a great video by Youtuber Jean Ward. He found some incredible structures on Mars that is without a doubt absolute proof of an ancient civilization once living on its surface. The structures perfectly balanced on both sides, with some impossible 90 degree curves that would be found on most structures here on Earth. The structures look mostly intact and could probably be a great place for humans to start up a colony. This is amazing! This is 100% proof of an ancient alien race once living on Mars. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

Amazing Swarms Of Living Creatures Move Past NASA Satellite, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Jan 17-20, 2020
Location of sighting: Earths sun
Source: NASA/SOHO images

Look at the image above. You see a blued out center...with a white circle...that white circle is how big the sun is and where it is. These objects are not going too or from the sun...but they should since the gravity of the sun is so strong. What this tells me is that these objects are self propelled. They are moving in all directions, but none seem to be coming to or from the sun. That should be impossible, yet there it is. I believe these objects are living creatures moving in swarms past the NASA SOHO sun satellite lens. These swarms of creatures are not rare, rather we see them every week on the viewer if we search carefully enough. NASA of course would not talk or report such things, for fear the public will find out the truth...that we are not alone in the universe...that the universe is teaming with life that we cannot yet imagine. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan


Jumping Alien In Mars NASA Photo, 100% Evidence Of Life, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: January 11, 2020
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo:

I was searching for evidence of life in a gigapan photo of Mars when I came across this object on the side of a hill. The object seems to have three long appendages...maybe legs and arms. There is something similar to a head that is also visible. This could however also be a living plant growing on the side of the hill. Its difficult to make a 100% conclusion of what it is due to the the photo losing some detail at this close distance. Either way, it is 100% proof of live on Mars. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


Black Heart UFO Seen In 1969 Apollo Photo! UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: May 1969
Location of sighting: Earths orbit
Source 1:
Source 2:

Here is an extraordinary UFO in the shape of a black heart found in an old Apollo photo. The UFO was discovered by Youtuber Terrys Theories, who finds some extraordinary eye popping UFOs. Back in 1969 it was a lot harder for them to edit these UFOs out, compounded with the fact that they probably were not even trained to look for them. Apollo evidence cannot be ignored. 
Scott Waring 

Terrys Theories States: 
I found some strange objects in Apollo 10 photos in what appears to be in a low Earth orbit. The Apollo 10 mission launched on May 18th 1969 it had a three man crew Thomas P. Stafford Commander, John W. Young Command Module Pilot and Eugene A. Cernan. The mission was a dress rehearsal for the Apollo 11 mission to land on the moon.The crew of Apollo 10 had to go through all the procedures and test all the equipment for the upcoming Apollo 11 mission they did everything except for landing on the moon.

Ancient Casket Found On Mars Near Statues, Oct 2019, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Oct 13, 2019
Location of discovery: Mars
Source Photo:

When looking at a Mars photo I found a long casket similar to what you will find here on Earth. Its a stone casket, much like the larger outer stone boxes for Egyptian golden sarcophagus. Has a top stone that is perfectly cut to match the lower case. The casket itself is about 2 meters across.

There are also a few other discoveries in this photo that are ancient statues with large faces on them. W hy did they make faces like theres? To show pride in their heritage most likely. 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan 


The Woman Figure On Mars, Also Has A Man And Child Nearby, UFO Sighting News.

Source 1 photo: 
Source 2 photo:

Nine years ago I reported a whole lot of alien artefacts in one photo, including a woman, man and child statues on a hillside. Then NASA deleted one of the photos, but I found a similar, yet darker photo a few years later. 

The statue of a woman has a highly detailed green robe, which you can see the folds within it. She has long hair down to the shoulders  a thiner waste and here arm is also covered with here robe sleeve up to the wrist area, where the color of her hand turns to pinkish. Her figure is undoubtedly that of a human-like female. The man laying down in front of her also has a green outfit on. He has a bald hairless head that is pink. The little child in front of them is less obvious to the untrained eye. He is sitting down, legs forward and arms behind himself. 

This woman on Mars, is literally the Mona Lisa of Mars. She is flawless in every way, and yet even this evidence is not enough to convince some. Its obvious to me that no photo, regardless of how clear or how close the evidence is...will every bring about disclosure. So the real question is....what will?
Scott C. Waring


Stange Alien Face Found On Mars In NASA Photo! Proof of Intelligent Life On Mars, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: January 22, 2019
Location of discovery: Mars, Sol 1516
NASA source:

 I found this face in a Mars curiosity rover photo. The face is very old, primitive appearing and non human. The species lacks artistic skill as you can see, and has a large round nose, small lower jaw, open mouth and small eyes. This is proof that non human aliens did once live on Mars, but I have discovered hundreds of such faces on Mars, so this is just one intelligent species of many. There were about 6-10 intelligent different species on the planet, which I determined from the faces that I found. 
Scott C. Waring


Police In Spain Record UFO Near Their Vehicle Watching Them, Jan 20, 2019, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Jan 20, 2019
Location of sighting: Spain
Source: MUFON #97905

Here is a UFO hovering over a police car in Spain this week. The UFO is cloaked, but was revealed by the flashing blue lights of the police vehicle. The UFO appears to be small, about .5 to 1 meter across. Being so small makes me think that its probably an alien drone device, since our planet cannot support all forms of aliens out there. Our atmosphere is probably toxic and deadly to some species. Also the fact that this UFO is watching the police and recording their activities is amazing. 
Scott C. Waring


White UFO Seen During Day Over Busan, South Korea on Jan 16, 2019, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 16, 2019
Location of sighting: Busan, South Korea

This video was taken by an eyewitness in South Korea yesterday. A white double oval UFO hovered over the city of Busan, a city of 3.5 million people. What really is important here is that the person was driving and did not have a window up, so this is not a reflection. Thats a great thing. This UFO does seem to be near the top of a hill, as if its observing something. Also this UFO seems tilted and is very white, like cloud, but without the smoke. So, because of the tilt, the color and the size I would say this is a real UFO. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states: 
For long time, I yearn for looking at UFO!! Today at last I saw something. but something weird.


Human-like Face Found On Mars Is Proof Humanity Descended From Alien Species, Jan 2019, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: January 16, 2019
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo:

While browsing through some Mars photos, I found that this one had a human-like face in it. Its located on the far left of the panoramic photo, close to the end. 

Often I hear people say that humans came from Mars long ago. Yeah, that could have happened, since about 20% of the faces I find are human-like. The theory that humanity is the descendants of aliens is plausible and deservers serious consideration. 

Scott C. Waring