August 20, 2011

Two Military Jets Escorting UFO To Secret Base, Alien Tech In Military Hands? UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: August 2011
Location of sighting: Italy
New Details: This may be near USA Aviano Air Base, in the north-east of Italy, near Pordenone.

Here is an amazing catch by someone hiking in the hill and happens to have their video cam on. Most of us have done that at one time or another. But then suddenly two jets chasing a UFO shoot across the sky and over the hills. Todays cameras are catching high details.

Details that make me think its legit are:
1. The flashing light on the UFO
2. The person lowers the lens to look at the ground as he runs to catch sight of them again, a fake would   alway focus ahead. 
3. An escort of two military jets so close means the UFO is being flown by one of their pilots. They are in formation.
4. This alien looking craft could be part of the "Project Blue Beam" plan to take place.
5. Rocca Pia castle in Italy has an underground base. The aliens call themselves the "W56," because in the base 56 different space faring species can be found. Check this old post of ours at

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  1. This must actually be the best video ever made, or taken as we can call it most of us that believe in something more than selfish people, I actually know there is something more into it in the military, and no-one actually wanna talk to the media or something, I just really wonder what kinda relationship they have with us, as for more there are more races to come, and some will bring false gifts to us, like the no gravity gift in other means we must suffer for the politicians that use cruelty to get the technology, and imagine the possibilities to fly to another planet, what they actually are missing is an perpetum mobile, I will keep it safe for myself, until they really are cruel with me and wishes me death and despair, and then i come out and wish they goodbye from earth for long long time.. we are not alone

    1. No one individual will ever have the amount of knowledge that the one "God Creator" has and many shall die consumed with wanting, lost in a desire of unbelievable greed and curiosity so much so they have become lost souls and fallen victim to the trappings of temptation you must rise above this desire to know all as it shall only be when God allows us to know his secrets shall we shall be enlightened. We all have been given a choice in our human existence please think with an open heart for God, as it is God that holds the key to all. Care for each other and try living by the commandments as written as ye shall be judged not for knowledge one has gained in this life but how it is used, thurst for God should out weigh everything else as God has given but everything to us even his only begotten son. It may sound like i am a preacher of some kind when in fact i am not, i have no personal agenda apart from maintaining and up holding the brightest star that shines upon and through each and everyone of us.If that light is dimmed because of greed or false belief than the consequences for ones actions shall yield an equal response. We are all rewarded only by what we are and what we do,not by what we wish to become based upon self greed. I am not Catholic, Anglican, Mormon, Jewish, Muslim, Hindi,or a number of other denominations. I am of Christ,I am of God I am of the One that wants everyone to rise above selfishness, to give of what can be given to those who are in need. All good deeds do not go un-noticed and will be weighed up on that day that we all will have to face "religious or not" the choice has been given to us all. Ignore it, or accept it with an open heart of love and forgiveness and find our God waiting for you.Please share this information with your friends and loved ones as time like sand through the hour glass is pasing and what we all choose to do is more important than anything else in our existence therefore we can only begin to understand our purpose by taking the right path that will lead us home. Leave what is not human alone as it can not destroy your faith if you have it, let not your soul be consumed by un-Godly curiosity and greed as many will surely perish with such selfish conviction and only those that are strong in belief and faith shall over-come all else.With so many different denominations of faith the true teachings of "Jesus Christ" (son of God) have been man manipulated and corrrupted to suit certain agenda's.Please understand Jesus Christ was not any one "denomination" therefore please ask why is it that his words are not upheld above all others?
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      God bless each and everyone of you and may your love for God grow through the teachings of Jesus Christ,

    2. I think Criss Angel is actually Jesus incarnated. He does some incredible illusions. I would imagine that some would call it miracles. If Jesus actually did return then he would certainly come as a magician for instance so he would be accepted, not crazy. just a theory

  2. ...or this could be an anti gravitic reverse engineered product that is being test flown.

  3. This looks a bit suspicious. The two jets and the UFO remain tightly locked in position in each scene. As far as testing an anti-gravity device, this would not be done over inhabited areas.

  4. Well the military jets look like US Navy's F-14 that have been retired from service for a few years now, the formation is way too tight for this kind of fligt and altitude, starboard wings of both jets in the first scene are too short (probably made by a clone-tool from the same clip), short clip duration, what was the author filming before the formation came into sight...
    As much as I am certain in existance of UFO's (either man made or extraterrestrial)to this clip I can only say: Sorry, but no cigar

  5. Fake. Can make this in 10 minutes with my amateur video-editing software

  6. Flight Tech
    You bet, this could be a fake !!!!!
    But as for all the reasons that have been pointed out ?? NO
    What do you call a tight formation , The Thunder Birds fly @ less than 4feet apart!!
    So if you look @ the video again You will notice , the planes are well over 20 feet apart.OR more.(over all size of plane to wing spread )
    So the arrow push & or the jet wash would not effect either plane.
    The wings do bother me , way to much dehedrel
    ( the shape ) but then again look @ the Rutan design , ??? He has built some amazing aircrafts
    Who is to say , some one elese thought they were a good design. Just like our F15 was copyed
    And as for the author , making a comment or gasp.
    Then YOU WOULD SAY he re-hearsed it.
    Oh as for his clothes, I don't think he was out for an all day hike ( to close to the road )

    1. I would say it's fake because the motion is pretty stilted, the location of the planes and UFO are, despite it being all shaky-cam, pretty convenient, and the crafts are flying incredibly slowly. They'd be pretty close to the ground to be that large in the frame, and while a UFO might be able to fly at some arbitrarily slow speed, jets like that don't do well at incredibly low speeds.

    2. Uhhh, dude, no! The TBirds do not fly at 4 feet apart. They fly as close as 26 feet in formation - never closer than that. Wing wash would destroy any stable flight pattern - let alone the intake. Their formations appear closer because they are flying at different heights wing tip oriented. Usually in staggered Two-Two-Two layout with two close in, to far apart and two in the middle offset by their distance apart but appearing much closer due to the way the others appear.

  7. Pretty cool, even if it is a fake. This guy has done a better job than all that Hollywood computerized garbage that I'm getting so tired of seeing. But the noise of the jets is pretty convincing. I don't know, it might be real. Who knows?

  8. Besides Italy does not have F14 or F15 or anything with a double tail fin

  9. I agree, it looks like an American fighter jet, but the USA has military bases in italy. Four US bases to be exact. That UFO is owned and operated by US military.

    The US Armed Forces has 4 military bases in Italy:
    * Aviano Air Base, in the north-east of Italy, near Pordenone.
    * Caserma Ederle, near Vicenza.
    * Naval Air Station Sigonella, in Sicily.
    * Camp Darby. Located in the Province of Pisa, half way between Pisa and Livorno.

  10. Either the jets are chasing that thing or that saucer is military's top secret project.I've read a lot about patented UFOs designs in the book "The UFO technology hackers manual" by Michael McDonnough.There was also a case in the book"UFO conspiracy" by Jenny Randles in which a person saw two black helicopters escorting a UFO.The person wasn't lying as symptoms of radiations were found on his body.

  11. "Two Military Jets Escorting UFO To Secret Base"
    Pretty interesting and I am a believer ,accept how in the world would the ufo be on the same page as the two jets and have an understanding that it was being escorted, us humans would see it this way because we see the jets as a threat and acknowledge there authority ,

  12. Could this possibly be a test run of an aircraft we have been working on? And just curious im new to this stuff but think its truly like someone suggested above would we know how to operate such a piece of machinery? truly amazing once again, love it!

  13. Looks way too fake, it's true what some are saying that an amateur with little practice can make this in a video software program. Seems way too staged with his reaction and the noise, also the jets are way too uniformed in their movement, we also see no heat trails behind the jets. I cannot believe people are believing this

  14. Bad acting, no heat trails, jets are too uniform in flight. It's true what some people are saying, any person can create this in very little time in a video editing software program. Cannot believe people are buying it as much as I would love to believe this it's too obvious.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Sądzę że to próbny lot prototypowego spodka, jaki został skonstruowany prze amerykanów. Najprawdopodobniej jak miała by to być eskortowana ekipa ,kosmitów, to z całą pewnością lotnicy tych samolotów powąchali by tylko smrodek ich spalin.

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  20. if you believe a UFO had crash in Roswell which many people believe! some time ago then between then and now, they had figure it out and what you have now is a military that knows how to fly them and now. Taking the technology from them and using it on our own military, wondering how the laser weapon came to be!

  21. First of all. There, Are! These type of space ships! The reason they are of there shapes can not be reviled to scientist, And or engineers, For they can only think and do as to what they have learned in this world. And antigravity is not how they maneuver. And they are not greys! They are just like us, Or shall I say! We are like them? Further more our best jets could not even follow one of these craft within a thousand light years behind it, If it so whished. Have a nice day

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