July 10, 2013

UPDATE: Binary Message In Crop Circle Solved....Discovered In Italy, July 2013.

This coded crop circle message looks like its been cracked. This came in an email today and it blew me away...so I want to post it and see what you think. What do these two dates mean? Original post here click here: SCW

Email reads:
The first single arrow means bullet mark 1) and second double arrow means bullet mark 2). Hence if you read the binary digits anti-clockwise it is as follows starting from single arrow
> 0010, 1100, 1010, >> 0010, 0010, 0001, 0010, 1101,
In the decimal system this is
> 2, 12, 10, >> 2, 2, 1, 2, 13

Hence it reads as
>2-12-10 >> 22-12-13

It means dates between 2-Dec-2010 and 22-Dec-2013.
The shaded and non shaded triangles along with the tiny 6 dark triangles should mean what would happen between these periods