UFOs Over Lindsay, Ontario, Canada On June 30, 2013.

Date of sighting: June 30, 2013
Location of sighting: Lindsay, Ontario, Canada

Eyewitness states:
This evening, June 30th, about 10:20 pm, in Lindsay, Ontario,Canada, my wife, myself, my 21 year old daughter and her     fiancé were outside at our patio table having a smoke, and    saw an orange-ish beige light in a cylinder shape cutting        across the sky much faster than a plane...it was quite low,    wierd thing, it seemed to be flying sideways, it took about 10  seconds to go from horizon to horizon...it seemed low,  but    rose higher and higher and disappeared,,,,about 3 minutes     later we saw another on following a similar pattern.  About 5 minutes later we saw some else, blinking lights, one white,    one green, one red....traveling much slower in the same        direction. ( probably a plane.

The 1st 2 lights were quite bright, with no sound. I am curious if other locals saw this phenomenon....That's all I have.....    J.L.                   


  1. Just seen a flashing red and yellow light over lindsay ontario and apperently this isnt the first time

    1. Awesome, if you got a video of it, please upload it to youtube and post the URL here. thanks, SCW

  2. I've personally seen a flying object just like this around October November of 2014


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