August 10, 2013

Two Duck Like Creatures On Mars Found By Curiosity Rover, Aug 2013, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: August 2013
Location of discovery: Mars Surface

This duck-like creature was discovered in a NASA Curiosity rover photo this week and near the duck we see a cave, which may give it shelter. Also we know this creature flies because there is another one in the far distance behind the cave in the sky. If it is a duck, it is probably resting its head with its bill tucked into one of its wings...much like ducks do on Earth. The amazing thing about this is that it has a mate flying in the distance behind it. So if it looks like a duck and flies like a duck then....its a duck! The only possible answer that would give us 100% proof is to turn the rover around and get some close up photos, or zap it in the butt with the rovers laser (my favorite) and see if it moves. SCW


  1. ever thought about it that all these mars photos are simply NOT from mars? they just from the desert somewhere in the USA, these Mars photos are all to familiar to earths atmosphere my opinion all faked photos of mars

  2. ever thought about it that all these mars photos are simply NOT from mars? they just from the desert somewhere in the USA, these Mars photos are all to familiar to earths atmosphere my opinion all faked photos of mars

    1. Yeah, that is very possible. NASA= Not A Single Answer given.

  3. On the far left of the pic, there is a small crop of rocks that has what appears to be a panel on it with "K98" or something similar written on it. Also is that a skull peeking over the edge of the hill??

    1. I also saw the skull (only the forehead and eye sockets are visible), but I didn't see the K98...very unusual. Good catch Arcadia.

  4. you can also notice 7 black dots from the mountain in the left up to the right with spaces in between...

  5. Hi Scott,

    I love your site. It inspires me to look for alien life out there. However, after looking at your rat/squirrel story and doing a whole lot of research, I have come to some good conclusions about what to look for on Mars. So please let me elaborate:

    The "duck" in this picture is NOT A DUCK. It is a hollowed out rock used by miniature aliens to view the surface of Mars. Note the slot in the duck's chest. The whole area in this picture is riddled with holes that lead underground and they are easy to spot if you are a sentient being. Predators with simple animal minds will be fooled by the way the underground access points look like larger animals. There also appears to be midget sized and larger aliens on Mars, especially from the pictures of earlier sites like the "Rocknest" site you wrote about in the rat/squirrel story.

    As for the flying thing on Mars, God only knows what that is. It could be anything from some alien saucer to the inflatable bat plane visible in the "Rocknest" Navigational picture. That is if the bat plane thing isn't a giant moth or something. Those Mars caterpillars you show might just grow up into really big moths someday...

    So I spent an hour or so looking at this "Duck" picture and it is perhaps even more wilder than the "rocknest" site picture. If NASA were punking us, they must have a thousand people working to make these sets to photograph. It is just way too crazy to do any justice describing this "duck" panorama picture in a short comment on this blog, however I will try to describe how anyone can see the really cool stuff for themselves.

    I like to use free IrfanView software for zooming around and looking at the picture up close. When I do so, I can left click with my mouse and see the XY coordinates about where I am in the picture. This way I can tell my friends where to look for the cool stuff. I also use IrfanView to enlarge the picture or cut out sections by selecting and copying the selection into a blank IrfanView file. This way I can have the original and original cut out and even make them all have uniform pixel width for presentations. I also have bought FocusMagic software to have a variety of focus settings to get clearer pictures without adding distortion to the parts of the picture I am interested in. You can read all about my earlier findings using such software in the comments section of the rat/squirrel article on this site.

    My comment is too long so I will continue it in my next post here...

    1. I thought the Rover has high definition cameras? If so, why are all the pictures blurry?

    So, here's what I did about this duck panorama picture.

    FIRST, I downloaded the tiff file of the duck picture on this site:

    THEN I used FocusMagic on focus setting number 2 on the entire panoramic picture. Then I had a clearer version of this Duck panorama in this article.

    THEN I used IrfanView to look around this picture close up and clear for half an hour or so and seemed to literally find something of interest every 30 seconds or less.


    (3529,770)Duck is hollowed out rock/room, used by miniature aliens to view surface

    (3539,845)Skull bellow duck is also such a hollowed out rock/room note eyes are windows. This is common trick, have seen it many times before in other Mars pictures.

    (3514,1118)Midget sized alien looking at rover. Check out the Spock ears! Most LIVE aliens will be looking at the rover if they are sentient. Bugs, rats, and other stupid critters may be focused on other things. Be aware that many faces will in fact be fake carvings of faces. They are intentionally there to hide access holes or rooms that tie to underground.

    (333,1087)Really cool looking miniature alien base built into rock. It has two air turbines built into the left side of the rock and some cruise ship worthy bay windows to look at the surface with. I haven't seen anything this obvious since the looking at the NAVIGATINAL Black and white panorama picture of the "rocknest" site. The NASA webpage with the navigational picture is:
    Download the 11.65 MB Tif file for best resolution.
    It you look towards the top right of the black and white panorama, in the back part of the Rocknest, you will see a strange bright object in the rocks. Zoom into that portion of the picture and you will see the most bizarre shaped thing that looks like an inflatable airplane shaped tree growing out of the ground. Then look just past that and you will see a cylindrical shaped object spewing gas into the Martian atmosphere. It seems to be an exhaust system of some kind, perhaps part of a power plant. To the right of this are structures coming out of the sand with windows and doors.

    (2309,760)Metal drill head for drilling underground tunnels or a rare metal access point to the underground. Based on other pictures discussed on this site I tend to think this is a drilling technology at the head looks similar to miniature drill vehicles in other pics.

    (2598,898)Another miniature window system coming out of another rock. Its bay windows are less obvious than first one mentioned here.

    (3000,680)Huge rock, likely containing hidden miniature rooms and windows made up to look like lumbering menacing creature. there must be some sort of predators the miniature aliens fear or they just have plain weird taste in housing. (Might explain the duck)

    (1364,1154)Wild looking alien climbing out of ground or rock made to look like same.

    (745,1065)Miniature alien tent covering structure.

    (1328,1042)Miniature alien villiage

    (4585,1140)Bizarre monkey faced miniature air hatch?

    (7197,696)One miniature alien underground access point looks exactly like the "miniature base" found 2 years ago in this sites other article about "Alien Base On Mars THAT LOOKS NEW!"

    Anyway, there are pieces of alien junk scattered everywhere. Some of it looks gold metallic color and reminds me of the head of the suspected drill devices seen on Mars. There are also bizarre alien life form looking things everywhere.

    I suggest everyone get good focusing software to improve the whole picture, IrfanView for zooming in and reporting locations of items of interest, and good hunting!!!

  7. One more thing, there are lots of marked rocks in the picture. Often the color of the ink is close to the color of the rock for a reason: they are temporary marks. I notice that most of those rocks are the ones with none or fewer holes already in them to hide miniature rooms for miniature aliens. I suspect that many of the marks are intended to denote which rocks to hollow out, where to put a bridge/pipe between rock, make a hole or tunnel through a rock , where to add the new bay window and still have the rock look like a monster lizard, etc... If you try to think like a miniature alien looking at his new home with a view, then many of the hieroglyphs seem to make sense. maybe when Curiosity drives by 10 years from now we can see how everything changed and we can finally decode the hieroglyphs for sure. Then we would know what construction was done for what glyph, assuming our miniature aliens managed to pay the mortgage. till then, have fun making your decoder rings...

  8. Hi Scott,

    Been busy, but did checkout your "Second Lizard" in this picture. He seems to be a piece of equipment with plumbing horns. The "eyes" seem to be two metallic horns that are catching the sun. There is also a horn on top of the lizard's head that is not so metallic. Perhaps he is some sort of ventilation equipment or even a warning beacon for some sort of predator. I was looking at my FocusMagic modified file to see him better. I tend to expect glowing eyes at night as reflections, but daytime glowing would most likely be sun glint. At least the Mars Rats in the other article are real... And many the aliens seem to be looking at the rover in this picture seem to be real. Checkout the aliens at (5451,733). They seem to have opened the top of their hole like Oscar the Grouch taking the lid off his trashcan... The only sentient beings in this picture that don't seem to be looking at the rover seem to be busy working near the shiny silver drill bit at (2309,760). There are several others nearby looking from behind the rocks. There is a trend for them to do that. The NASA Curiosity rover may be a bit frightening to them.

    Too bad the aliens like to make every other rock look like a big lizard or something. It makes it hard to tell if it is an alien or a rock made to look scary. For example, checkout the dinosaur head coming out of the ground looking at the rover just below the lizard in this article. XY coordinates are: (4522,742) Its probably just another carving/surface viewing room. It would be cool to see a real dinosaur, but then again we haven't yet identified the predator the aliens are usually afraid of. Maybe they know what big lizards look like for real?

    Anyway, get focusing software to look at this picture. Without it you're missing a lot of the show.

  9. Who is it? alien?

  10. hey rob V

    i found in this photo, two numerical 5's but what doesn't add up is the fact that something was takin out of the photo and i believe some photoshoppin went on before the boys decided to release the picture to the general public

    1. Hi goldtrigger,

      There are many marks on some of the rocks. So far they seem to be construction marks where holes, windows, tunnels, and hollowed out areas are to be cut into the rocks. I tend to think the compression algorithm used from Mars adds artifacts to the pictures, but I don't know way to know for sure if the pictures are edited by NASA or not. I do have many pictures of the same areas with odd things that are there in one picture, but not in the next. Also, I don't know if the different cameras are effected by heat or overexposure to sun etc... Time will tell...

  11. What's that in the sky looks like a dot or something up there in to of the photos should have Zoomed up to the sky a bit more

    1. The object(s) in the sky seem to be a camera glitch that appears in all the frames that make up this larger panorama.

  12. Screw the "duck" anyone notice the animal skull in front of it? What the heck is it?