October 19, 2013

Amateur astronomer filmed UFOs over Tucson, AZ, USA on Oct 16, 2013, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: October 16, 2013
Location of sighting: Tucson, Arizona, USA

These Tucson UFOs have been seen many times over the years. At the bottom of this post I will put a 2010 video of many glowing objects over Tucson recorded by the famous Sheilaaliens of Youtube.

UFOfilesTV news states: 
A hobby astronomer recorded these objects in the night sky over Tucson AZ, USA. Actually he watched the clear starry sky when he saw seven objects. He watched the objects ca. 5-6 minutes before he remembered that he has a camcorder in the trunk of his car. When he came back and finally found the objects again he only could record four of them. He is a hobby astrologer for ca. 30 years. He's never seen something like that before. If it would have been only one object he probably would have suspected a satellite. But this is somehow mysterious. We from UFOFilesTV have seen videos with these objects before but also we cannot tell where they're from or what they are. 

Date of sighting: November 20, 2010
Location of sighting: Tucson, Arizona, USA

Eyewitness states (Sheilaaliens):
That's the webcam I captured the Phoenix lights on just a couple of weeks PRIOR to them floating directly over my head here in Tucson, which is just about an hour and a half south of Phoenix. Me and Yow!

WARNING...Bad Language In Video.


  1. Ive been researching on ufo 2 always but i have seen sumtin like dat but i didnt have a camera.

  2. Ive always been researching on ufo in nigeria and am hoping on going higher

  3. Ive always been researching on UFO in nigeria bcs d last time it occured waz febuary 16 2013.

  4. Saw these exact same objects thanksgining evening I live on nw side of tucson arizona saw 7-9 objects that had the capability of controled movement that also had the ability to to move at high rates of speed AMAZING!!! UFOs are real I muat aay I wasn't a believer until Nov 29 2013 did anyone else witness my girlfriend and
    pa parents were fortunate enough to witness with me


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