November 14, 2013

Tiny Alien Body Found In Iran, Amazing Video, UFO Sighting News.


Look closely at this tiny creature and you will notice some similarities to the human species. It has four fingers and a thumb. It looks like it died while holding its arms around its head as if it were cold and froze to death. One thing UFO researchers do know is that size does not determine intelligence. It is believed that such a species once lived or lives on the surface of Mars. Remember this stories of little green men? Very possible stories based on ancient aliens. SCW Reports:
Butch Witkowski, Director of the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania, forwarded the following email and images that he received 8/11/2013 stating, "We received these photos from a gentleman in the Republic of Iran this morning at 0512 hrs. Photos attached and email below." He stated in some following emails he is in process of having an MRI and Xrays taken. I’ll keep you advised.
Hamid from Iran writes: 

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am an Iranian person, Who found strange dead creature .
This creature is looklike human, the whole of hight is 7Cm . 
It has very big eyes, yellow skin and bigger head than it`s body . 
The phenomenal is that the body doesn't frozen in cold situation and has not bad smell in warm weather, and not Rotted yet .
It`s muscles still look stong with short hairs and tooth are look likes wild animals .
If you are intrested in, i will send more photos of the above mentioned .
You're prompt reply is highly appreciated.

Hamid G.


  1. 50 bucks says this thing mysteriously "disappears" once the authorities get wind of it and the medical tests he is doing "get lost" or show something completely different, like a mouse skeleton.

    1. beyound debreifing...........................................already here.......aprove this proof.....

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  2. Seems to good to be true...

  3. Good job...worker.... gamma ray failure...return to the spot where BAKA was found keep checking the sky in all direction ..on your 7th time you will see a light..from the gamma ray angels..then you will know when the next earth shake will happen and when in 2014 the SMART STORMS......belive what you already know...

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    cheif RUNNING WATER.....medicine man FLASH FLOOD......sacred stars ..

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