December 31, 2013

Curiosity Rover Being Used For Covert Ops? Holes In Wheels Indicate It Has Been, UFO Sighting News.

Rover distance data:
Hole 1 Photo:
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Recently it has come to my attention that the Mars rover wheels have been taking some serious damage. Since the Curiosity rover landed in Gale Crater in Aug 6, 2012 it has logged a total of about 20,0000 meters or 20km (12.42 miles). 

The Curiosity Rover is responsible for some of 2013s most memorable Mars photos like the squirrel, rat and Iguana, so you can see that I am concerned about its welfare. I want it to keep up its work, but there is one more thing that concerns me. The rovers wheels which appear to be made of metal are becoming shredded and torn with holes bigger than bottle caps. 

It seem to me that the Curiosity rover has been doing more than the typical NASA mission. Its been used for some covert mission purposes of far off distance explorations. This rover looks like its been hauling across Mars to explore something hundreds or even thousands of km away from Gale Crater. That's right, again NASA has been hiding more from the public than we once believed...even the rover is being used for black opps.

There is no other way to explain these photos of the Mars Curiosity rovers wheels with massive tears and holes in its wheels. Traveling a mere 12 miles would not damage the rover this much, however exploring some ancient alien ruins hundreds of miles away then racing back to Gale Crater would cause it. 

I rest my case. The evidence is in the photos. Those wheels probably cost hundreds of thousands of dollars each and were specially designed to be used without taking damage. I've driven over ten years in my old Ford logging over a hundred thousand miles without changing my tires, never once getting the kind of damage the rover has gotten. Perhaps NASA should look to Bridgestone to design their next set of wheels. SCW


Marcio Droma said...

feliz ano novo

Spartacus Skull said...

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Anonymous said...

WTF NASA? Can't trust them no more!

Anonymous said...

Scott, with all due respect, that could just be normal wear and tear.

Scott Waring said...

I trust NASA about as far as I can throw them. Look at the thickness of those wheels. Looks about 3-4X that of a US quarter. Kinda thick. Tracks that are visible from space can be air brushed out...something they are good at.

Anonymous said...

First, the rover Spirit abruptly ended in 2010, fact that I just didn't believe (in my oppinion is been or was used for covered opps); second, the Opportunity still active beside the Curiosity, why two rovers when you have already one doing the job? All the attention over Curiosity only. And now this strange holes in it's wheels.. I sense a missing part of the mars story..

Chase Huffstutler said...

I sense a missing part in these comments. I love this site and agree with some but you leaving out mine, and probably others' critical comments continues to make you lose credibility. And this is only one of many times I've brought this up.

Scott Waring said...

I usually do not allow negativity in my site. I try to stay on the positive site and let the other sites focus on skeptics views. In my opinion, any negativity is a big step back for all UFOlogy. Here we are moving direction only. CIA and NSA hire a lot of writers to post misinformation on sites that are close to the truth...but not here. So I apologize for not posting those negative comments, but thats just who I am as a blogger, teacher and counselor.

Anonymous said...

First, i love your site. Keep the good work. But in my opinion, what we see is normal damage mostly due to the fact that mars doenst have an atmosphere which cause the surface to be constantly hit by small meteor that, on earth, would consumes in those higher level. A small meteor, size of a bee, would cause those damage on metal. Thats my opinion, hope its clear since english is not my best language. Thank you

Scott Waring said...

Hi, thanks. You idea is interesting, but meteor damage would have long ago destroyed the camera and computer equipment.

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