May 25, 2014

Ancient Bowl On Mars Found By Curiosity Rover, May 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: May 2014
Location of discovery: Mars
Email Report: Found by R.G.
Photo: Sol 529

This came in the email this week. A reader found a few anomalies in this photo and brought it to my attention. This object looks like a bowl. There is a crack down one side and it has some sand or dirt that has filled it part of the bottom. 

Its a really cool discovery and not something that NASA would ever investigate with the Curiosity Rover. The public really has to find a way to take control of the rover away from NASA and put it into public hands. Since it was funded with public dollars...that might not be so hard to do. SCW



Zombo said...

That is interesting. Definitely on to something there. Maybe it's a coffin and the body has long turn to dust. Just ask me where the lid is lol it could of made of a different material that has rotted away. Who knows

William Smith said...

In the distant there is a face which looks very much like a grey

Amanda Clark said...

It looks like there is the tail of a fish showing on the bottom of the bowl.

tendershoots said...

Check out the first pic and look at 8 o clock on the red circle, you have to blow it up a bit... But if thT isn't a damn foot I'll eat my foot. There are many things in this picture.

Gary Grant said...

could be a crashed ship that disintegrated over time

Gary Grant said...

Could be a crashed ship that disentegrated over time

tommy shaw said...

yeah I might be something,but il tell you what there looking for is the anukncki mars base from 450 thousand years ago,this is the same race that built the pyramids,not those Egyptian.egyptian might be the one that striped off the gold off the outside of them and without the gold what use it had not doesn't work has a 4 sided triangle covered with gold might have be a planetary transciever to mars without a power supply,gold has a secret that only they knew about and its technology long time forgotten

Shannon glomb said...

definitely a made object but who cares just like cern sending msges through lhc

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