2014 UFO Summoning Summer Blast Off Event , May 2014, UFO Sighting News

Date of event: June 22, 2014
Location of event: West Park, MacArthur, Los Angeles, CA

Robert states:
I will like to invite everyone to my 2nd Annual UFO Summoning Summer Blast Off Event taking place at West Park in MacArthur in Los Angeles on Sunday June 22nd, 2014 starting @ 11am. Parking will be free and available for all. Come out and enjoy the variety of UFO Craft which will arrive along with guests at the event. 

I encourage all of you who will be attending to bring your own folding chairs, water, snacks and sunscreen for the event. Bring your cameras and camcorders to film these amazing UFO Craft.


  1. yeah I've seen this guy on TV I think he's the real what do you think

  2. he's proven himself and you don't ask on the internet for everyone to show up expecting UFO craft, and then there not be any. whenever he does this, craft in the sky do show up. hey high-ranking Coronel in the Air Force investigating this for decades now believes they are something else, not Aliens.
    the flash in and out of existence or our reality. Which makes this very disturbing

  3. Ah hum, maybe just maybe now, now just hold on to your controls when i suggest this to ya crew, is that those so called UFO's just might be a form of intelligent life forms in of themselves that's atuned to Bobs life force energy vibes that he somehow tapped into via mental consciousness training or it comes naturally to him & even to OTHER PEOPLE perhaps also to cause these "Sentient Energy Forms" to manifest at will U C...


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