June 1, 2014

Giant UFO Recorded In Volcano Plume On May 31, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: May 31, 2014
Location of sighting: Island of Sangeang Api, Indonesia
Source: http://www.appledaily.com

A volcano exploded, and within the cloud rose a UFO of massive proportions. This UFO was caught on photos and video and was seen in Asia on TV news. Its color was almost pure white, unlike its surrounding volcano smoke which was a dirty grey. 

It is a well known fact among UFO researchers that aliens often have bases 4-5km below active volcanos because less people go there due to the dangers of an eruption or gasses. This way they can go to and from their base in UFOs and not be noticed. SCW


Wesley Rode said...

Fantastic pc, Is it real?

Naga31 said...

Hello, have you heard about those noises?

MichaelNNY said...

The thing that tells me this is genuine.. how could that lenticular cloud SURVIVE that mass of superheated plume that is rising into the air? It would be destroyed. That tells me its a cloaked ship, partially dematerialized.

Michael Jedi Day said...

That's very good. It is a static shape! No movement. very eery

Michael Jedi Day said...

this is very cool. Its a static shape! Interesting

Karen Davis said...

☆★☆It looks like another stampede heeeheee it's in one of the bibles A ☆★☆

Karen Davis said...

☆★☆it looks like another stampede heeeheee written in one of the bibles☆★☆

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