June 19, 2014

UFO Over Tokyo, Japan Found On Google Earth Map, VIDEO, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: May 28, 2014
Location of sighting: Tokyo, Japan
Coordinates: 35°40'20.64"N 139°46'36.21"E
2 UFOs at:  35°40'18.88"N 139°46'44.60"E

Here is another Google Earth UFO that was recently found by someone in Japan. It moves above the buildings and is following the Google car. There is two dark UFOs. One closer and one further away. It is difficult to make it out but the UFOs do disappear after a while of moving down the road. Remember you have to enter Google street view by picking up the small orange person on the far right of the screen and drop him on the blue lines at the coordinate above. To find the UFO, just copy past the coordinates into the Google search box. SCW


Jim DeBrino said...

This is amazing !!! First time on this site, incredible !!! Did anyone happen to see the video taken of a UFO on Facebook this morning ? Governments already took the video down, now the video is nowhere to be found. Im tired of Nasa, CIA, & NSA lying to us. I say we form a team & gather our own evidence !!!! We'll be the ones to let the cat out of the bag for people around the world

Jim DeBrino said...
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X-15 said...

Some ET's are observing the mess that was made in Fukashima thats thats threatning our very earthly existance im starting to reckon now...

Unfortunately some politicians & ect down here want to save face & not cooperate w/ the belevolent ET to clean up this mess & learn ALTERNATIVE ways of harnessing energy but crew as the sun shines in the morn here on this world the global power brokers just do not want OUTSIDE HELP even from results of there major nuclear F ups imo.

Jim DeBrino said...

There here

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