October 3, 2014

UFO Over Murray, Utah On Oct 2, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Oct 2, 2014, Thurs.
Location of sighting: Murray, Utah, USA
Time: 4:30am
News source: http://fox13now.com/2014/10/02/shooting-star-or-something-more-bright-light-flashes-across-utah-sky/

A UFO was seen over Utah this week. Unlike meteorites this object does not explode and disappear, but rather it only disappears. The object was silent, unlike most meteors as they come close to the surface of Earth. Remember the loud explosion in Russia from a meteor last year? It was so big of an explosion that it broke windows in buildings and cars...destroying entire buildings. 

This was no meteor. 1st its over the desert area of Utah (secluded area). 2nd its was larger and slower than a meteorite reports eyewitnesses. 3rd it was a little smaller than the sun. No meteor that big will hit Earth without NASA warning the public. 4th it happened in the early morning hours so that the alien ship could enter its underground base in Utah undetected...almost. SCW


  1. I saw this at 3:30am

    1. Dude I saw that exact kind at my house in Pennsylvania. Matter of fact u saw one today

  2. Hi, I share my observation unusual object in the night sky over Sweden September 30, 2014.
    Object filmed on camera with a wide angle lens, so that you can see the whole sky.
    The object seems to be either burned in the upper atmosphere or landed as do the spaceships on the similarity of the shuttle.
    Only on this day anywhere in the world space launches and landings landers
    not carried out.
    Therefore, the object can be described as unidentified.
    On my channel there are other similar observations, as well as falling meteors, etc.

  3. Me too. We were driving in from Price, Utah. Definitely a meteor and it flashed when it entered our atmosphere and then broke apart. Pieces were trailing the meteor the entire time. If my vulcan death ray had malfunctioned it might have hit the earth. But, I'm one damn good shot! Killed 3 Squatches, 2 Aliens, and a Leprechaun.

  4. I saw it tonight with my friend October 15 2015