Buildings On Mars, Oct 2014, UFO Sighting News.

1st 30° 3'38.65"N 11°29'52.91"W
2nd 33°10'9.97"N 12°54'29.78"W
3rd 34° 6'55.23"N 13°17'8.14"W
4th 36°50'36.60"N 13°21'42.65"W
5th 40° 0'14.37"N 8°58'3.23"W
6th 40°20'53.70"N 9°33'10.22"W

I was checking out Google Mars today and found these interesting anomalies. Most of them have been reported before, but they were all near one another so I decided to report them to you in hopes that some of you haven't seen them yet. They are all located near the famous Cydonia face. SCW