May 18, 2015

Wiz Khalifa Catches UFO In His Recent Video, See You Again, May 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: May 17, 2015
Location of sighting: California coast
Source: Music Video, See You Again

Guys, there are a couple of videos released of the song See You Again, but I first noticed this UFO disguised as a cloud in the Taiwan version (1st video below). At the 1:12 and 2:27 mark of the Taiwan version of the video we see the UFO cloud on the far right of the screen. Then in 2-4 seconds it a few minutes later in the same position, but with different lighting, so now the UFO is glowing all out. Kind of amazing. It looks like the UFO was trying to look like a cloud but failed. I believe it was observing the singer and his crew filming the video. And why not? Seeing Wiz Khalifa doing his thing in front of the cameras and for a good cause, the death of a friend. 
Now, I mean no disrespect to the passing of Paul Walker. His passing hurt us all and I spoke about him to my Taiwan students numerous times about the good things he's done for others. My wife, son and I saw his last movie and it brought tears to our eyes. 

So...were aliens also moved by Khalifa's tribute song? Just sit back and watch an awesome tribute to an incredible actor. SCW


Chris Raymond said...

Hi, love your site.
Not sure about these 'cloud' UFOs though.
I have watched many a sunset and often see clouds appear, change colour, glow and fade as the sun sets, in all shapes and sizes. While I do not deny that cloud UFOs could exist, I think they are one of the less reliable sightings, like distant lights at night, 'craft' as meteors, etc.
Keep up the good work, but don't be too fast to call "UFO....!" - It reduces the perceived reliability of your site.

Anonymous said...

Boy, This video was not up long!

Scott Waring said...

Its still up and working.

Tahir Butt said...

Chris, couldn't agree further. For the site credibility, Scot either should share with some of the members contents sent for the website so due diligence is given before it is posted on the website. I am sure lot of daily visitors can volunteer for such research work.

Tahir Butt said...

Not it is not working

Anonymous said...

Cloud.. It's also entertaining how before Paul's death everybody considered him an awful actor. Then he dies and becomes a "good" actor just cuz he passed away.

Anonymous said...

the video was removed... this means it's legit and not just clouds... comments are removed too.

Anonymous said...

WTH I didn't know you can see UFOs in movies and videos. I will keep an eye out.

painterick said...

Anyone sees anything airborne right away resembles some type UFO. And these rocks on mars weathered by wind etc just accident

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