August 7, 2015

Ancient Bowl Found On Mars And Other Intelligently Designed Shapes On Mars Found In Ruins, Aug 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: August 2015
Location of sighting: Mars
Source photo:

This find by Whatsupinthesky37 is quite intriguing. He discovered what could be a bowl, but looks like a hollow section of a pillar. The object is not round, but has 6 equal sides and is hollow inside. Very cool discovery and this should have archeologist excited around the world. 
Scott C. Waring

Whatsupinthesky37 of Youtube states:
Thanks to Kjell for emailing this image on over to me I apologize that it took me so long to get to it. Things have been hectic here with my mother having surgery but everything went wonderful and she is recovering! My friend Stefan (EclipseFire Xin) did a great image covering the anomalies on this image as well that I show in the video and will link below as well! You can find him on YouTube, Facebook & now on WUITS! So this image totally looks to be the typical Uncle Jakes Junkyard filled with Intelligently designed rubble and ruins all over this area of the Gale Crater! I love the one in the thumbnail that looks like a modern day wash pan, bedpan.. ;) This one is worth a download and I will be doing a video from the same SOL very shortly so stay tuned! I can't wait to hear what you all think about this one!


JUZ STAINA. said...

Seriously, just because something is concave it's. Not a F:#;INGREDIENTS BOWL! So many people claim to find cutlery! WTF. A whole civilisation falls, we see remnants of buildings, roads,Statues, technology,but no. The one miraculous survivor of Armageddon is a FUCKING CORNFLAKES BOWL!????? I believe some unblvble tripped out stuff.. But not this shit, yes they are remnants of SOMETHING, but not dishes.! Where's the house, cupboard, foundation around it?? Did that all crumble but a wheaties bowl is stronger than all?

JUZ STAINA. said...

Oh and how can a bowl have a hole in it........ Like a small sink? (I don't think it's that either)

Scott Waring said...

I said bowl, because its hard to fit "section of hollow pillar" into it. Whatsupinthesk37 tries hard and has more enthusiasm that others. I like his passion, and some of his discoveries are fun.

Scott Waring said...

Never mind the bowl, send me more info Juz on cools stuff on Mars!!!! On my twitter @scwbooks

JUZ STAINA. said...

Cool as scott.. Sorry for ranting like a crazy,, I just get pissed when we find a whole city and NASA won't even acknowledge you, but they love showing that sort of find,, it wasn't directed at u mate, I've been putting stuff on twitter as it's the only social app that works on my shit phone,, if u look up @juz'2qik4u'staina your welcome to use anything u like,, I have an interesting collection u might like,, NASA footage of the vortex on top of Antarctica, city's in Antarctica,,.... That's the start of the wierdo shit,, everything on my file is real and there for u to see for yourself mate :) go for it. Hate to sound sucky but you seem to be the rare few credible person to send stuff to, or let u know stuff,, once again top frikking job!

JUZ STAINA. said...

Section of hollow pillar,, yeah man like a corner joint maybe.... Or its an aliens mixbowl ;)

Dr. Moebius said...

Notice the hole orthogonal to the 'bowl'. It does look like a 'carved' (sculpted, chiseled, whatever) form, vs. a natural rock. It increasingly looks like debris from some kind of settlement, or possibly (very) ancient civilization, that was totally blown away. But the lack of any vegetation on Mars is why I Do not believe there is life, nor any worthwhile atmosphere on it.

The planet to which Mars was a moon of (Was it Zecharia Sitchin's theory?) exploded, wiping the life off Mars. More and more it seems that the evidence is validating this theory.

Tracey Walter-Hensley said...

Hey Scot, I'm hearing that the Vatican is not denying the existence of alien life. In fact their personal infrared telelscope has viewed , recorded many ufo activity. This is explosive news.!
Disclosure is closer now ...I mean like very soon.
I'm so ready as I'm sure you are too. Keep your eyes on the skies and thanks for getting info out to all.

Brian Bell said...

Yup a bowl alright...a toilet bowl no less. Give me a break it's a rock with a concave wear mark.

Will Farrar said...

Kept trying to leave this comment but if you could do a article on the new one this is the best evidence I have seen yet!! The rover has arrived! I get more help from your articles then anywhere else! You have been created a wonderful platform!

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