January 10, 2016

Grey Alien Walks In Front Of Camera As Obama Says Goodbye In Nairobi, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: July 24, 2015
Location of sighting: Nairobi, Africa
News source: http://www.christiantoday.com/article/a.demon.gray.figure.captured.on.camera.during.president.obamas.visit.to.kenya/61458.htm
Source 2: http://www.teaparty.org/video-demon-racing-obama-111504/

This just came to my attention today. When Pres Obama was in Nairobi back in July 24th, a grey alien was seen walking past the news camera. I say alien because it is grey and naked. You can see its shoulders and upper chest as it moves across the screen. You can also see it bouncing slightly which is a sign it is walking. It is my belief that Obama is being protected by aliens, because he pushes peace and talking so much. Aliens hate human violence. 

This reminds me of the alien Secret Service agent I reported a few years back. It was seen on Obamas team. Click here to view. 
Scott C. Waring

Christian Today states:
A "gray figure" was reportedly captured passing through the camera when President Obama landed at the airport in Nairobi last July 24. The "gray figure" particularly appeared after Obama went down from Air Force One, and began shaking the hands of Kenya government officials led by President Uhuru Kenyatta. The mysterious blur appeared first from the right side of the camera, then swept towards the left side in just a split second. Christian author and evangelist Perry Stone admitted that he was baffled by the gray figure during Obama's arrival in Kenya, pointing out that there are "spirits" in that part of the world. "(The blur) doesn't mean he's possessed. That doesn't mean there's a demon on him or anything like that, but there are spirits in that part of Africa," Stone reportedly said through livestreaming on Periscope entitled "A Demon on Obama?" More at source.


  1. Don't believe explanations from media sources. This is a grey alien using advanced cloaking and travel technology. Hence its speed and almost invisibility. They walk amongst us. Fact.

  2. He is not for peace and they are being fooled allso so where do we stand on that one.he is a sheep with wolfs clothing cant you see it he is going to go against israel like all the others.

  3. I am surprised this video was even posted by Mr.Waring site ,it is distasteful and plainly stupid,

    This is one of the things that destroys Mr.Waring credibility instantly(along with the ridiculous rock faces you make up out of every space rock that might not even be real pictures of mars or the moon )Please stop posting nonsense on your site before you lose the people who visit your site and respect the real credible evidence you put out for the world to see ,thats why we click on your site not for third phase of the moon type of junk Mr.Waring you're better than this.

    1. Scott has ALREADY destroyed his reputation. This site has become a bad joke. But he will keep on posting the pathetic rock until he drives his brand into the ground. I've noticed his only supporters can barely even type full sentences.

    2. I agree with Mr.Brown on this one. Stop posting nonsense. Those faces and statues you see in EVERY rock on the moon and mars are clearly a case of pareidolia. There is a whole lot more out there, I am sure of that. And you have posted some great articles about those things. But these obviously bs stories makes you lose credibility among a lot of people. Keep up the REAL articles my friend.

  4. Obama pushes peace. Get real. Look at the world today.blood on his hands.

  5. well, I'm not a professional but it seems like a bad fake .

  6. Well

    That could be any number of camera malfunctions. It doesn't appear to be walking or bouncing at ALL, so I really have no idea why you would say that. It just moved in a cartoonish straight line.

  7. could be paranormal

  8. what if...this is a cloud of second hand smoke? or...someone exhaling on a cold day?

  9. Almost looks like someone was smoking and blew smoke out on the right and a breeze carried it across the view of the camera.

  10. AHHUM, Obama talks peace???, so in the last several yrs of increased drone activity in the med east under his watch, how about the overthrow of Libya that was accomplished w/ the help of that GRB/wall st connected former secretary of state H Clinton, who made matters worst there, the to BIG to fail corrupted wall st investment banks, & & Obamas simingly lack of a confident leadership i,g. for all domestic & foreign concerns, then all i can say is my moneys on a Sanders winning this presidential ticket this time, OR i wont vote this term UC.