January 20, 2016

UFO Revealed During Sunset Over Bologna, Italy On Jan 18, 2016, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 18, 2016
Location of sighting: Bologna, Italy
Source: MUFON #73961

As I have said before, UFOs become visible for a small amount of time during sunset. This one was during a cloudy day, yet it still cannot hide from the sunset revealing it. 
Scott C. Waring
Eyewitness states:
I was at job driving my van towards a long straight road in Bologna, the city where I live. I was looking ahead at the traffic when I saw brilliant light in the sky in front of me. The light was yellow/orange and seemed quite hot, just like a little sun; it was also sorrounded by a beautiful little rainbow on its lower part. Either the light and the rainbow were very clear in the sky. Although the day was quiet cloudy. Right after this, I also noticed a huge disc-shaped object floating steady just on the left of the light. The "object" seemed to me like disguised as a cloud; it was like a disc shaped cloud of a totally different color than its sorroundings. It was light grey/silver/white,quite bright,but the whole sky around was cloudy grey or clean.


Felonius Monk said...

Yeah that's just sunshine and clouds.

Anonymous said...

Im not to sure if thats a UFO, it kinda just looks like a cloud but if it is! Then I saw the same cloud shape UFO here in Canada,Ontario,Sudbury.

Scott Waring said...

Bill Withers said it best when he said, "Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
And this house just ain't no home anytime she goes away."

Sorry, had that lyric in my head. No, not sunshine, but the cloak was revealed due to the angle of the sun and the angle of the person and the angle of the UFO all in the right places at the right time.

Scott Waring said...

And aliens are more intelligent than us and probably laugh at humans for their ignorance, so aliens are probably enjoying getting so close, without a single person suspecting them.

The aliens base inside Nellis AFB has Tall Whites which do enjoy such high risky behaviors and they do enjoy laughing at humans for their ignorance.

DividendScience said...

I wonder if a 5 Gigapixel (advanced tech) camera can capture a ufo sometime soon? You can see the faces up close of sunbathers from 2 miles away with these type of cameras.

Anonymous said...

"and they do enjoy laughing at humans for their ignorance".. They must have a hilarious time if they take a look at this site and the idiotic comments you post Scott.

Llandamaar said...

Yeah, clearly just a cloud.

Anonymous said...

This is a cloud ufo, 100% fact. Not the tall whites though. The Sirius race, who are lizard like and can shapeshift themselves and their surroundings are behind this. They are not the good guys. Fact. Just open your eyes people.

Michael Dougherty said...

Holy crap. You idiot; that is clouds and light. Tell me one thing....ONE THING about this picture that makes it seem like anything other than sun and clouds. The shape that you claim is a ufo isn't even smooth or symmetrical. You poor childish moron. I kind of envy your ignorance. I have actually seen a craft, and to see you promoting garbage like this is incredibly frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Hmmh... At the first glance, I also expected it to be a usual case of a cloud, ablazed by the sun, shining through it. Until I saw, where the sun really was.
I can not remember having seen a cloud, reflecting the light so brightly when the sun was, from the relativ position of the watcher, that "far" away.
A car, a plane, a glazed building - sure. But a cloud ? And why only this one ? There are plenty of others around, without reflection.
I´m not sure, what it is. But it certainly looks interesting.

Anonymous said...

lightning also has the same effect

Ashlie france 8322621226 said...

I have a picture of this exact thing here in Ohio don't know how to post it someone help

Ashlie france 8322621226 said...

I have a picture of the same thing Idk how to send it to these people but I'm here in Ohio my numbers on my name I'd anyone can help I have a few pictures

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