Fleet of UFOs over Flagstaff, Arizona May Be Tall Whites Walking Around City, Jan 2016, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 14, 2016
Location of sighting: Flagstaff, Arizona, USA
Source: http://www.wesh.com/video/the-weather-channel/ufo-clouds-appear-in-arizona-skies/37510104

This is a great capture of some UFOs cloaked in clouds this week over Flagstaff. We know that they are not clouds, because the wind is blowing hard and the real clouds are moving to the right fast. However these UFO clouds are hovering in place, observing the city of Flagstaff. They don't move!!! They might even be picking up or dropping off aliens to walk around the city for recreation. Since they probably look, walk and talk like us, its going to be very difficult to tell them from a normal person. 

This is very close to Nellis AFB where there is a known alien base located inside the USAF base area. This is an alien base of tall whites, which the only distinguishing traits are they hate humans touching them, they are extremely white, tall and walk oddly. Also their eyes are larger, so they will wear sunglasses most the time. 

There is no video here because the source doesn't allow embedding, but if someone posts it to Youtube, I will put it up soon. 
Scott C. Waring

News states:
Strange shapes in the clouds were caught in Flagstaff, Arizona in this beautiful time-lapse video. 


  1. I follow the posts but need to advise that on this occasion the clouds are called lenticular clouds and only appear when the wind blows and the moisture reaches its dew point and produces these clouds.

  2. What stays the same, all 3 pictures have different cloud shapes, where are the UFOs ?

  3. Please. Those are lenticular clouds and don't contain anything but water vapor. And, Nellis Air Force Base is in Las Vegas Nevada which is not near Arizona.

  4. Where are those SoB's located in Flagstaff Az, hell im tall, pale & wht too, & id like to clock one of em for givin these earth weapons contractor basterds tech thatll kill anything living...

    INCLUDIN EVERYONE onbard Scotts ship here, hell i even heard that a few vetted vegas casinos has those SoB's as special guests thats reserved for them only, & there heavily guarded & escorted durin those gamblin trips.


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