March 7, 2016

UFO Shoots Past Aircraft While On Runway, Cape Town, South Africa, Feb 27, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Feb 27, 2016
Location of sighting: Cape Town, South Africa

A reader (Wesley Saunders) recently said he caught some footage of a UFO at Cape Town, South Africa, just 28 miles from where I reported the MH370 jet, and 15 miles from where I reported finding a UFO on Google map. What I'm saying is there is some mysterious stuff happing at Cape Town, and its boiling down to the fact that its alien central. 

This jaw dropping footage of a dark UFO drone shooting past a Shackleton aircraft, which was first introduced back in 1951, but this one looks much newer. Its a beautiful aircraft and its easy to see why aliens would be interested in seeing this massive old style plane fly, but I believe this to be a alien drone, which focuses on anything within a few kilometers of it. It especially focuses on aircraft, since its in the air and higher up, but for some unknown reason, this one made a low pass near the ground over this plane. Cocky alien drone!
Scott C. Waring

Wesley Saunders of Youtube states:
While recording the Shackleton's ground run, at Ysterplaat in Cape Town, a UFO enters and exits the frame at high speed Date taken 27 Feb 2016.


  1. this shows tat aliens may streak fast over your city but you wouldnty notice that means ufo's could be ready at any time to show up. never thought about that. you assume ufo may not be around town or maybe invisible , but they might be visilble but too fast to notice immediately. maybe you've seen them streak by but thought it was just a regular streak like an illusion and didn't realize it wa alien. more reason to look at sky even in daytime.

  2. Wow! Lucky me, I just happen to live in Cape Town, the alien central.
    Interesting pic of the submerged MH370 (if it turns out to be that!

  3. Ok. Where can I get more information on his reporting of the MH370 jetliner?