October 1, 2016

Please help us, together we can make a difference.

Hey guys, if you could assist me out on my computer fund, it would be a great help. The fund is 30% of the way to being completed, and when it is, I can take down all the ads from my site and make mores posts daily, since my current computer is fighting me with its glitches and laggy interface. Even a $1 donation helps us get closer to our goals. Please help, I wont let you down. 

Donate By Clicking Here Please.

Scott C. Waring


Gregory Ellison said...

You have a real nice looking family Scott. I have told you before how much I appreciate what you do, especially considering you teach and have a family as well. Your wife must be very patient. I have tried to make comments to encourage others to donate as well. I am quite sure you read my intentions like a book. Donated first, and will again soon as I receive a little windfall coming soon. Heck, I may even get an infrared camera/video recorder. Thanks for your example sir, Greg

Brian Kuhn said...

As soon as payday comes around I'll help you out brother

Scott Waring said...

Hey thanks Gregory, very kind of you. If you ever catch something with the IR camera, upload to youtube and leave the URL here in comments. I would love to see it.

Scott Waring said...

Thanks Brian, any help is much appreciated.

Joe N Victoria said...

Hi Scott, Its Joe, hope all is well.

I have trying to contact you on twitter with no response. Anyway, all i wanted to say was I just donated $100 to your cause under jovic75. I'm the guy from Perth, we had a twitter conversation about a month ago. remember?

If I can i'll make another contribution in the next week or so. I wish you all the best mate.


Scott Waring said...

Hi Joe, good to hear from you. Sorry I've not had time to look much at Twitter, only made some tweets real fast. Thanks for the donation, very kind of you. I'll check out the twitter convo this weekend.
Thanks, SCW

Scott Waring said...

Sorry Joe, I checked twitter and I got hundred of messages, can't find you. Message me again and we will chat this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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