October 5, 2016

UFO Seen Over Neighborhood Zig Zags As It Moves Over Homes, Aug 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Aug 2016
Location of sighting: Bolton, Greater Manchester, UK
News source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/ufo-caught-homeowners-cctv-bolton-8947934

UFOs are easy do frequently visit neighbourhoods. They can scan the life forms and even record their thoughts while dreaming or awake. The zig zagging pattern shows it is 100% controlled, but is it alien? Maybe, but they put the cam in due to thieves breaking in, so its possible that the thieves are using a drone to scan then neighbourhood for who is home and who is gone, searching for empty houses, looking though the windows to record interior. It sounds like hi tech thieves to me. 
Scott C. Waring

News states:
Diane Veard was concerned about burglaries so installed the security camera and instead captured something out of this world

A bizarre UFO has been caught on a camera which a worried family installed after a spate of burglaries in their neighbourhood.

Resident Diane Veard was on holiday in Greece with her partner and three children - but when they went online to check footage from their security camera, they were staggered to find the device had captured what looks like a spaceship.

The motion-activated camera had caught a would-be intruder prowling around outside their house with a torch, so they kept watching, but a bigger shock was to come.

Footage from 11.20pm on August 15 shows the camera triggered for a second time by unknown causes and then a bright white light can be seen streaking across the sky through a gap between two houses across the street.

The light appears to turn abruptly and travel at high speed in a different direction.

“We’ve had the camera a few months. We were actually looking for a thief. There has been a lot of robberies,” said Diane, 48.

“We didn’t know what triggered the light the second time. It couldn’t have been our cat, Alfie, as he was in the cattery while we were on holiday.

“But because we’d seen this intruder earlier, we kept watching the video.


  1. Zig zagging just like flyin INSECTOIDS is one of there distinctive flight characteristics...

    Id wadger you a 5 note that back engineered earth vrs are not that flight agile, especially the earth vr of Mind Meld to Craft Unison mode tech for flight control, or in other words, MENTAL FLIGHT CONTROL technology that is not yet perfected on earth for basic terrestrial mental flight sys's control were "your mind controls & guides the machine", & probably never will at the warring pace this world is headed...

    Now remember, those malevolent ET's thats giving the 3 main super powers just enough weapons tech to do our behinds in "On Ourselves by Ourselves" down here but not them ofcourse who's waiting comfortably for our SELF DEMISE, because a yr to us is a min to them & there hella patient to take back if not take over this world if those reptilian possesed world leaders initiate WW3 & destroy most of all human life on earth over poor little syria after the U.S. presidential selections. πŸ˜πŸŒŽπŸ‘½

    1. Quite an imagination, entertaining!πŸ‘