November 24, 2016

Alien Skull Found On Mars In Billion Pixel NASA Photo, Nov 24, 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Nov 24, 2016
Location of sighting: Mars

This is fun, its a billion pixel photo from Mars and its got a lot of detail. The screenshots above show an alien skull. I have seen other skulls similar to this one, sorry, I lost count, but a lot. So I recognized it right away for what it is. 

Also there was a screaming face (below) with a larger face not far from it. Neither is human but the smaller does have some resemblance to old Mayan carvings. 

Below is a crude sculpted head sitting upright. Its easy to make out its mouth, chin, eyes, forehead.
 Below we see a sculpted object thats hard to make out, but it is clearly made by intelligent beings. 


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    1. Scott censors posts on his blog to make hinself look better.

      Lots of people make fun of him for things likenhis crappy rock faces and claiming that every post he makes is 100% proof of aliens when he has no proof at all.

      So thusly he has to approve the comments to make his blog look decent.

    2. Because I get 20 spam message a day advertising other sites. And I get about 5 a day tell me to go F myself. I don't need that, do you?

    3. Well if you didn't censor perfectly fine comments just to make yourself look better than MAYBE people wouldn't tell you to go F yourself. That's the only reason I have.

      Oh yeah, you forgot to mention all of the posts that make fun of your rock faces. Have to censor those too!

  3. Scott, excellent discovery. The Aliens are coming all over us. Their seed is what they want to disperse. We must stop their penetration into our worldly orifices. You are our only hope.

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  5. How about that bird-shaped rock labeled by NASA?

  6. Scott should REALLY stick to posting other people's findings.

    This is terrible.

  7. The rover hasnt even left earth . Your finding faces i put in the desert.

  8. Amazing finds Scott. If I or any normal person had seen this we would have only seen rocks. Yet you, with your enormous talent have shown these boring plain lumps of rock to be incredible sculptures from an alien race that once inhabited Mars. What a culture they must have had to create such incredible rock like sculptures. They make much human art look like dogs doings. Well done Sir.


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